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Sep 22, 2022
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Cave Creek, Arizona
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse
BCMB/BJB (Body Control Module B/Battery Junction Box)
Engine bay, cover has 2 clips that press in and 2 bumps you bend the cover over, then lift the cover up

BJB Normal

S650 Mustang S650 Mustang Fuse Box Diagrams 1709746571624

Fuse LocationAmp RatingUsageFuse Type
BJB - 140ABCMSingle
BJB - 230AUnusedSingle
BJB - 330ABCMSingle
BJB - 440AFuel Pump Control ModuleSingle
BJB - 55AUnusedSingle
BJB - 615APCMSingle
BJB - 730AEVAP Vent Valve, Oxygen Sensors, VCT SolenoidsSingle
BJB - 815ACooling Fan Relay, Variable Oil Pump, Turbo Bypass Valve, Active Grille Shutter, A/C Compressor Control Solenoid, Engine Coolant Bypass Valve, Differential Fluid Pump, Active Exhaust MotorsSingle
BJB - 920AIgnition Coils, Ignition Transformer CapacitorSingle
BJB - 1130AStarter MotorSingle
BJB - 1340ABlower Motor Control ModuleSingle
BJB - 145AUnusedSingle
BJB - 1610ALuggage Compartment Lid LatchSingle
BJB - 175AUnusedSingle
BJB - 2110AUnusedSingle
BJB - 225AUnusedSingle
BJB - 235AABS ModuleSingle
BJB - 2410APCM, PSCMSingle
BJB - 2510AUnusedSingle
BJB - 2610AUnusedSingle
BJB - 275AUnusedSingle
BJB - 2840AABS ModuleSingle
BJB - 2960AABS ModuleSingle
BJB - 3030AFront Seat Control Right, DSMSingle
BJB - 3130AFront Seat Control Left, DSMSingle
BJB - 3220AFront Power Outlet SocketSingle
BJB - 3320AAux. Power PointSingle
BJB - 3420AUnusedSingle
BJB - 3720AConvertible Top Motor 1Single
BJB - 3830AHVAC Control Module, DSMSingle
BJB - 3920AUnusedSingle
BJB - 4120AConvertible Top Motor 2Single
BJB - 4415AUnusedSingle
BJB - 5040AHeated Rear Window, Antenna Wave TrapSingle
BJB - 5110AExterior MirrorsSingle
BJB - 6130AUnusedSingle
BJB - 6210AUnusedSingle
BJB - 6720A10R80 TransmissionSingle
BJB - 6820ASteering Column Lock ModuleSingle
BJB - 6930AWindshield Wiper MotorSingle
BJB - 7120AUnusedSingle
BJB - 8315AUnusedSingle
BJB - 84A30AUnusedSingle
BJB - 84B30AUnusedSingle
BJB - 8540AUnusedSingle
BJB - 8715AUnusedSingle
BJB - 9310AUnusedSingle
BJB - 9510AUnusedSingle
BJB - 9610AUnusedSingle
BJB - 9720AUnusedSingle
BJB - 9910AUnusedSingle
BJB - 10015ALeft HeadlightSingle
BJB - 10115ARight HeadlightSingle
BJB - 12015AFuel Injectors, PCMSingle
BJB - 1245ARain SensorSingle
BJB - 1255AUnusedSingle
BJB - 13020ADifferential Fluid PumpSingle
BJB - 13215AUnusedSingle
BJB - 13710AIPMASingle
BJB - 1395AUSB Charge PortSingle
BJB - 1405AUnusedSingle
BJB - 1465AUnusedSingle
BJB - 1485ALeft TaillightSingle
BJB - 1495ARight TaillightSingle
BJB - 15820A10R80 TransmissionSingle
BJB - 1595AUnusedSingle
BJB - 16010ARemote Data Link ConnectorSingle
BJB - 16910AUnusedSingle
BJB - 17010AUnusedSingle
BJB - 17110AUnusedSingle
BJB - 1815AHCMSingle
BJB - 18230ABCMSingle
BJB - 18330AUnusedSingle
BJB - 1847.5AWACMSingle

BJB High Current
S650 Mustang S650 Mustang Fuse Box Diagrams 1709744866777

Fuse LocationAmp RatingUsageFuse Type
BJBHC - 1275AAlternatorSolid
BJBHC - 260ABCMSolid
BJBHC - 460APower SteeringSolid
BJBHC - 960ACooling FanSolid
BJBHC - 1360APower SteeringSolid

BCM (Body Control Module)
Passenger footwell, cover back snaps open, then cover lifts up and off
S650 Mustang S650 Mustang Fuse Box Diagrams 1709744425314

Fuse LocationAmp RatingUsageFuse Type
BCM - 01-----UnusedSingle
BCM - 0210AWindows and LocksSingle
BCM - 037.5AUnusedSingle
BCM - 0420ADSP ModuleSingle
BCM - 05-----UnusedSingle
BCM - 0610ASecurity Horn RelayDouble
BCM - 0710ABCMBDouble
BCM - 085ATCU ModuleDouble
BCM - 095AIntrusion/Inclination Sensor, Park Brake Switch, ETC TransponderDouble
BCM - 10-----UnusedDouble
BCM - 11-----UnusedDouble
BCM - 127.5AHVAC Control ModuleDouble
BCM - 137.5AIPC, SCCMDouble
BCM - 1415AUnusedDouble
BCM - 1515AAPIMDouble
BCM - 16-----UnusedSingle
BCM - 177.5AUnusedDouble
BCM - 187.5AUnusedDouble
BCM - 195AHeadlamp ControlDouble
BCM - 205AStart/Stop ButtonDouble
BCM - 215AETC TransponderDouble
BCM - 225AVDMDouble
BCM - 2330APDM, Regulator MotorsSingle
BCM - 2430AVDMSingle
BCM - 2520ADSP ModuleSingle
BCM - 2630APDM, Right Regulator MotorSingle
BCM - 2730ALeft-Rear Window MotorSingle
BCM - 2830ARight-Rear Window MotorSingle
BCM - 2915AIPCSingle
BCM - 305AUnusedSingle
BCM - 3110ARTM, Audio Control Panel, GWM, IPCSingle
BCM - 3220AACM, APIMSingle
BCM - 33-----UnusedSingle
BCM - 3430ARun/Start RelaySingle
BCM - 355ABCMBSingle
BCM - 3615AUnusedSingle
BCM - 3720ASCCM, Auto-Dimming Rear View MirrorSingle
BCM - 3830AUnusedSingle



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Oct 1, 2023
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2024 GT Premium
I'm a bit of a dullard on this. Which fuse in the passenger box would folks recommend tapping for the on/off of an audio amp? Something that's "on" only when the car is on. 12? 31?