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Oct 22, 2022
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Macon Ga
Kia stinger and hyundai tucson hybrid
More safety equipment, more electronic modules, more frame reinforcements, you name it; the cars get heavier, and until composite superstructures become cheaper to build, every new model tips the scale further over. Mass market cars are not going to significantly supersede their predecessors in track performance, save better brakes, tires, and horsepower. I think any government investments into making cars more fuel efficient would be wisely invested in helping composite technology enter mass production over their aluminum and steel analogs; unfortunately the recyclability of composites is problematic versus metal.
Facts! The car will weight more because they add stuff to it and used different materials. The goal was to improve from the s550. And they did that, but improving materials that can be mass produced often means weight. The car has different parts when compared to the S550. They reused some stuff but also added better materials. If you want a weight reduction car then you'd have to get the other versions and stuff. This one is a street track car that is made to daily and track. The gt350 and gt350r were more track and less daily.