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'23 & '24MY


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Jul 29, 2022
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"Skye" Mach1 N2144
If autos were smart they'd scoop up the glut of production in long term contracts.
I agree. I'd like to think auto makers are jumping all over it.

I've been wanting to study this problem further. Some articles follow.

With respect to retooling (new fabs, making chips, testing, certification), this process can take several months to a year, all of which someone has to pay for and commit to. And while that's being lined up, the chip maker might have to find and secure material supplies, in new combinations or amounts not easily sourced.

Going back to MY23 and 24, I need to read-up on that next. I want to study other Ford and manufacturer products for these years and how they might impact one another. Ford alone is contemplating several significant changes.


Note the S197 model picture in the above article.



"Foundries can’t build chips more quickly because every single part of the silicon manufacturing process is an exercise in patience. The market is in the position its in because demand for certain types of silicon grew in ways the industry didn’t foresee 10+ years ago. There is no immediate solution to this problem because of how long it takes to bring new foundries online.

What we’re seeing here is not “just” the pandemic. It’s the pandemic, cryptocurrency demand, increased adoption of AI in many markets, and the growth of 5G base stations and smart home shipments. A car today contains far more chips than it did 20 years ago, which increases the amount of silicon required per vehicle."

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