2021 Mustang GT S650 Rendering

When rumors of the S550 Mustang first hit the web more than 3 years ago, the speculation and fan renderings ran wild. The years that followed saw hundreds of sketches and photoshops created of the S550, some which were based on credible sources and others on pure fantasy.

Last month, we first reported on credible hints that the seventh generation Mustang, codenamed S650, could come as early as 2021 and already Mustang6G enthusiasts have begun hoping, planning and dreaming up concept ideas for the next major Mustang redesign.

Here, M6G member JC Design has created a very forward-looking 2021 Mustang GT concept rendering that borrows elements from the Ford GT, Shelby GT350R and an Opel Manta Concept created by ISD (Institut Superior Design) students in France, the latter which is similar in that it represents a modern reinterpretation of an iconic muscle car.

See the full version of this 2021 Mustang GT rendering in the forums and let us know what you think.