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RTR Enthusiast Experience at Holley Ford Fest

RTR Vehicles

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Oct 28, 2022
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Concord, NC.
Mustang RTR
RTR Vehicles will invite 20 Mustang enthusiasts (and a guest) to attend the RTR Enthusiast Experience at Holley Ford Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky for an exciting day of motorsports and camaraderie. The selection process includes many variables but one major factor is YOUR Mustang story. In the form below, share with us your passion and enthusiasm you have for the Ford Mustang. Attendees will experience four different motorsports disciplines (two behind the wheel of their own Mustang with professional instruction, and two from the passenger seat of RTR Vehicles’ Ready-to-Rock fleet with a professional driver). The one-day event will thrust attendees into the world of Drift, Autocross, Drag, and Off-Road FUN, giving everyone an unforgettable experience that only RTR can offer.

This is open to all Mustang owners! To learn more and share your Mustang story, please visit this LINK

S650 Mustang RTR Enthusiast Experience at Holley Ford Fest MicrosoftTeams-image (43)