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May 3, 2014
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Dunnellon, Florida
2015 WW-50th LE Auto-0745-Grandé
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Just from my personal experience running the 5.0 with the 350 Front End (all Ford Parts and Functional Cooling (without 5.2 Oil Cooler, because there is an Oil/Water-Cooled System in the LE with a Larger Radiator and no 350 Trans Cooler because the Automatic has the Cooler in the Radiator Area)

I also have the 350 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body.

Half the Grille is Blocked-Off. The Intake is probably helped by the Fangs, but is very small.

The 350 Hood Vent is probably the Biggest Problem. Yes, it is designed around Improved Down Force, but it leaves a lot of Heat Under the Hood at low speed or idling, which is where I seem to find myself with the events I attend.

The Intake Air can quickly increase up to 70 Degrees over Ambient. Don’t really feel comfortable with that, but it hasn't presented any Performance problems in the last 8 years.

I am considering Installing a GT500 size Hood Vent (or Hood with the Vent). Would only use the Rain Tray during expected Inclement Weather. Don’t really want the Race Car Version with the Additional Side Vents on the Hood though.

Am also considering the Differential