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  1. because_murica

    Rally Z

    Ok, say what you will about the new Z, but this is pretty cool.
  2. because_murica

    Thin Stripes - Bring Them Back!

    Ya'll remember the thin stripes on the 2010-2012 GT500? I think they looked great. I also think they would fit the lines of the S650 better than wider stripes. What do we think?
  3. because_murica

    S650 Validation Complete

    According to FA: "The Blue Oval has completed its validation drive of the latest pony car. Ford’s Mustang team recently spent some time in Arizona and on the iconic Route 66 completing an extended validation drive with production-level prototypes of the seventh-generation machine, which...
  4. because_murica

    New Lincoln Zephyr - China Only

    News broke of this new Zephyr last year, and now we're seeing more of them testing in the U.S. Keep in mind these are only for the Chinese market - which is a shame since I would totally rock the shit out of one. Check it out...
  5. because_murica

    Corvette to Launch as a Brand in 2025 w/4-Door and SUV - Should Mustang Follow?

  6. because_murica

    Should There Be a Trim Level Between GT and DH?

    Porsche recently revealed the 992 911 Carrera T (T standing for touring). It's a more affordable Carrera that offers some of the improvements of the Carrera S and GTS trims. That got me thinking. I would love to see a trim level to slot in between the GT and DH. I'm aware a PP1 or PP2 GT could...
  7. because_murica

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Don't forget to: But please don't do this: https://media.giphy.com/media/XEKk5Lll24yKegpyE5/giphy-downsized-large.gif
  8. because_murica

    Custom Gauges - Digital Means Infinite Possibilities

    Even though late model S550s had digital gauges, from what I recall, owners could only change the appearance of the gauges based on the driving mode selected. With S650, I'm hoping Ford allows owners to further customize their gauges. I feel as though the Fox Body-style gauge option is a great...
  9. because_murica

    Shelby American S650 - Only Applicable to GT?

    Starting from 2005, Shelby American only offered packages for the GT trim and any Shelby trims coming directly from Ford. As far as I understand it, Shelby American packages were never applicable to the in-between models, i.e. S197 Boss 302, S550 Mach 1, etc. So that begs the question: will the...
  10. because_murica


    I noticed something hilarious in this pic I posted yesterday: Remember to hug your significant other once you log off M7G at 2am.
  11. because_murica

    S650 on Social Media

    Given that IG and Twitter have been a great source of S650 spottings lately, I figured it would just be easier to post any shots we find on social media here in one unified thread.
  12. because_murica

    Official SHADOW BLACK Mustang S650 Thread

    Black Mustang GT S650 with quad tips spotted in AZ.
  13. because_murica

    Rolling video of Yellow Splash Mustang GT (S650)

    Much better, but that spoiler still needs to go.
  14. because_murica

    First S650 Mustang with Stripe Package photo

    Ford's Mike Dean posted the below pic of what looks like a GT with black and red stripes. As to the color of the car itself, it could be Blue Ember or simply black. Updated with enhanced photo showing car and stripes more clearly: