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  1. BrianJ77

    Hellhorse twin turbos

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/11/hellhorse-debuts-2024-ford-mustang-v8-twin-turbo-kit/amp/ $14k is pretty steep and we still have the locked ECU issue, but 1650 HP!
  2. BrianJ77

    Finally saw S650 at local Mustang meet

    I finally saw the S650 in person at my local Mustang club's fall meet and show, and....WOW! Like everyone said it's better in person. The one thing I didn't expect was how good grabber blue looks in person. Pictures do not do it justice. The screens look great and are smaller than in pictures...
  3. BrianJ77

    Rust belt / rust proofing

    I saw in another thread talk of rust due to road salt in the northern states and thought a new thread was best to address this. Question for y'all that live there: Has anyone ever tried NH oil undercoating (NHOU)? What results did you have? Is this something our rust belt members could have...
  4. BrianJ77

    What is Dodge up to?

    I just saw this commercial. What is Dodge up to? Is there more ICE muscle left at Chrysler? Makes me think they aren't quite done.
  5. BrianJ77

    No build date yet? I found out why!

    I learned something very valuable yesterday from a local dealer. Apparently your order will not get approved by Ford for production if your dealer doesn't have any open allocations (for any trim level, not just DH). In my case, I had my order in with a small town dealer who currently has, and...
  6. BrianJ77

    6/22/23 scheduling info

    I'm pretty sure I'm the lone ranger without a build date given all of the scheduled builds last week, but just wondering if @Newface was going to post this weeks allocations and builds? Hoping for August clean up this week to hopefully get mine scheduled.
  7. BrianJ77

    S650 Insurance

    So I know there are a few on here with Mustang orders in who will be similar to me and only drive their cars on weekends, not daily or track use. I expect to clock around 2k miles a year. I have been looking online at options besides my regular insurance (quoted $1150 for 6 months, but I have...
  8. BrianJ77

    Reduced capacity amplifier cancelled

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/05/2024-ford-mustang-reduced-capacity-amplifier-option-dropped/ Great news! The reduced capacity amplifier that was previously a potential involuntary option is no longer an issue. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I really didn't want to lose power to my...
  9. BrianJ77

    Ford absent from Atlanta Auto Show

    Am I dreaming or is Ford really not going to have a display at the Atlanta Auto Show this weekend? Really disappointed if this is the case. I really want to get up close with the S650. If anyone knows otherwise and is in the Atlanta region please let me know. No way I'm driving 2 hours in...