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  1. EFI

    10R80 cooler

    No that's what I mentioned in the first post, it's a picture of a 2024 GT but it looks very similar to an F150 with a brick right near the pan rather than up in front of the radiator.
  2. EFI

    10R80 cooler

    Is the 10R80 a water to water cooled now instead of water to air? Can anyone confirm they don't have a brick up front between the condenser and radiator? I know that F150s run a cooler underneath the car rather than in front, but then I saw this picture of a 10R80 2024 GT:
  3. EFI

    First 2024 Mustang GT Dyno Results

    The power curve, especially up top, is quite impressive. Then Gen 3 falls off pretty fast after 6800rpm, while the Gen 4 power is flat to 7500rpm. You need a GT350 or CJ manifold to carry power like that on older generations, so the new dual intake manifold must be very similar to those in design.
  4. EFI

    Intake Manifold Technical Overview (2024 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote Engine)

    A tune will definitely bring in more power, but alot of people don't want to mess with warranty issues that brings. As far as the other 2, those don't provide anymore power so they are no they are even more pointless to do.
  5. EFI

    Dark Horse Splitter - can it be purchased separately?

    Like any other part, yes you can order it separately and attempt to install it on any other car.
  6. EFI

    Performance Pack on the GT

    There is 0 reason for you to get the PP with this statement alone
  7. EFI

    How are spoilers installed?

    To answer your first question...the trunk has holes in it and the spoiler has studs that go in those holes. So it can only go in exactly where the holes are, it can't be attached slightly left or right of those otherwise the stud won't go through. And it's a pretty tight fit, so there's not much...
  8. EFI

    How are spoilers installed?

    It doesn't, but if you're that worried about (or can even notice) a few mm variance then you're never going to be happy with a vehicle. I can't imagine what a salesman is going to think when you're on the lot looking at a vehicle and you bust out the micrometer and start measuring panel gaps...
  9. EFI

    Hands-on reviews: digital gauge cluster, display screens, SYNC 4 -- which media are calling impressive

    It's not even the lack of physical gagues, it's the general tackiness of the screens and the way they are "integrated" to the dash.
  10. EFI

    Main Street media

    No I sure don't. But by that description, they report on issues with cars (like the EV fires), they report on general economy (like used car prices) etc. They don't report on newly announced/released cars to introduce them to their audience. When was the last time you saw a news piece on a...
  11. EFI

    Will you be ordering a manual or auto?

    Sure, but is there any other better way especially for cars that you would track? Say I'm cross shopping between a few cars, I can't go to a GM or Ford dealer and say to the salesman "hey man, let me take this car for a test drive to a race track". At the same time, I can't just showup to a...
  12. EFI

    Main Street media

    I mean, why would non-car news outlets mention the S650 in their stories? They report on news, not cars. Have you noticed lately that ESPN hasn't said anything about all the storms that have hit LA and other parts of the country? It's almost like sports news stations don't really report on...
  13. EFI

    Will you be ordering a manual or auto?

    But that's the only true way to compare 2 different cars, especially stock. Me driving an unfamiliar car on track is not going to tell much on how it compares to mine unless I get similar seat time with it to really get comfortable. And all that's going to tell me is how it compares to mine as...
  14. EFI

    Any updates on whats changed with the Performance Pack for S650?

    Pretty sure that the valve springs (at least for Gen 2) and the crank are directly from the Boss engine, and I'm 100% sure the connecting rods are the same. There may be a few other smaller pieces, but some were directly from the Boss. In the same way it seems the S650 DH is getting the same...
  15. EFI

    Any updates on whats changed with the Performance Pack for S650?

    Don't worry, it won't be killing you for very long seeing as how the Camaro is being discontinued.
  16. EFI

    Any updates on whats changed with the Performance Pack for S650?

    Why? That just seem like extra cost to people that may not want any of that stuff. That's the beauty of Ford offering so many different "levels" or options, so that those who want them can get them and those who don't don't have to pay extra for something they don't need. Even if they were to...
  17. EFI

    Will you be ordering a manual or auto?

    I don't think you fully understand the definition of "personal preference". I personally don't get any better driving experience with the manual, so why would I choose it? I enjoy driving the car left, right and straight and get no pleasure out of manually shifting gears. I prefer the connected...
  18. EFI

    Is 486hp enough?? Let’s discuss

    Honestly I don't think they went through a whole lot of trouble. The Gen 4 is almost identical to the previous generations, it's not a whole new design like back in 2011. Heck, even the Coyote is largely based on the Modular architecture that came out back in 1996. So a lot of the design R&D has...
  19. EFI

    2024 Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Spied in Vapor Blue w/Blue Brembos

    6 piston brakes on the rear of an Ecoboost? Hell even the GT500 doesn't get that kinda brake hardware...
  20. EFI

    S650 steering and handling is night and day difference compared to S550 Mustang says Chief Engineer Ed Krenz

    They have to come up with some "improvements" that the marketing folk can spin up in their jargon to fill up all the fancy brochures.