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  1. tcman54

    Can't even order a GT right now, hmm?

    I figured as much but 3 years, geeze, the world is indeed a crazy place. lol
  2. tcman54

    Can't even order a GT right now, hmm?

    Was just messing around on the order page, not getting anything for a few years but apparently one cant even order a GT right now, lol.
  3. tcman54

    Insane 0-60

    Man, times are all over the place, I think it should be somewhere around 4.3 seconds or so for the GT but who knows, hard to say at this point.
  4. tcman54

    Insane 0-60

    American Muscle could only manage about 5.4sec or so and said the car was slow: Terry
  5. tcman54

    So whats the general thoughts on 7gen Dud or Stud!!!

    Dud imo : Exterior is horrible, cross between a Charger and a Camaro, the ecoboost looks even worse. Interior looks cheap minus the nice screens. Price and power yet to be determined.
  6. tcman54

    S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    Every time in the initial post I saw the term air leakage my mind immediately went to anal leakage, do I have a serious problem? :cwl: TC
  7. tcman54

    2021 MUSTANG (S650) - 7th Generation Mustang Confirmed

    2021 ford mustang rendering