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  1. lcbrownz

    S650s showing up on dealer lots ("IN TRANSIT" Still)

    There are two dealers in my area that already have a limited number of 2024 Ford Mustangs. These are the low end deluxe editions of the I-4.
  2. lcbrownz

    OLED Tailights

    Does anyone think there will be a programmable aftermarket OLED taillight assembly for the S650? OLEDs are already on a few new Audis.
  3. lcbrownz

    An Excerpt of Motor Trend's review of I-4 S650 10 Speed transmission

    This is an excerpt from Christian Seabaugh Writer/Photographer from Motor Trend"...If there's a problem with the new Mustang EcoBoost, it's with its transmission. Although it's fine for around-town driving and cruising, we found the gearbox was prone to upshifting early and downshifting late...
  4. lcbrownz

    2024 cousins

    This has been posted time and time again, but did Ford and Chevy designers share the same luxury boxes at Ford Field? While watching the LIons, someone must have drawn a design on a napkin and the other one stole it. The exteriors of both cars have a striking resemblance.
  5. lcbrownz

    2024 fully loaded Mustang DH is going for more than a 5-year-old C7 Corvette.

    I just checked used C7 Corvette prices online and some of them are being advertised with less than 20k miles for less than $51K. A Mustang DH is listing for greater than $57.9K. I guess the used Corvette market is pretty flat.
  6. lcbrownz

    Premium fuel for Mustang DH to be more expensive.

    According to Motor Trend, they were told by Ford officials on 12/15/22: Ford has confirmed that the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse's 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 will make an even 500 horsepower and 418 lb-ft of torque—on premium fuel. That's about what Ford estimated the Dark Horse would make prior to...
  7. lcbrownz

    48-volt/12-volt hybrid S650

    Ford has previously stated they are working on electrifying some of their vehicles with a hybrid 48-volt/12-volt electrical system. Ford previously announced they are 2nd in North American electric vehicle sales (behind Tesla). This being said, shouldn't Ford being are already be performing the...
  8. lcbrownz

    Main Street media

    Has anyone noticed the mainstream media (not car magazines or bloggers) hasn't mentioned the new S650 since its introduction in September?
  9. lcbrownz

    2.3L S650 base convertible

    Based on this screenshot, the 2024 Mustang 2.3 L convertible look so bland (as bland as a Toyota Camry Solara). IMHO, folks would pull up to this car and wonder what it was.
  10. lcbrownz

    Ford BlueCruise coming to S650?

    Is the S650 getting Ford BlueCruise? The Mach-E already has it.
  11. lcbrownz

    Years financing a S650

    Since a new S650 GT is going to sell north of $45K, how many years will it take for a 1st time young Mustang buyer to afford to finance this car, and will the car hold up that long?
  12. lcbrownz

    Dual Ram Intake versus Cold Air Intake?

    Which will be better for 2024 GT? The speed engineers are saying it's a tossup on performance, but a Dual Ram air system is cheaper to manufacture and takes up less space. Do you agree?
  13. lcbrownz

    No adaptive cruise control sensor buttons on front facia of the 3 Mustangs shown last night

    Those vehicles (shown last night) were the same demos used in the printed media photo shoots. None of them had the sensor buttons on the front facia for the adaptive cruise control.
  14. lcbrownz

    Automatic Rear Window Defroster Patent

    By the time, the new S650 is finally at the dealerships, it might be receiving a rear window defroster (not a electric defogger). Ford just received a patent number on the new device. Patent Filing Suggests Ford Vehicles Could Get Automatic Rear Defroster (fordauthority.com)
  15. lcbrownz

    Galpin Ford

    Ford has always looked its largest dealer in the US for input on the design and product mix for its upcoming new vehicles. That dealership is Galpin Ford (which is currently owned by Bert and Jane Boeckmann) in North Hills, CA. I can only imagine those two already know what the S650 looks like...
  16. lcbrownz

    2024 S650 Mustang Steering Wheel

    IMO, the Mustang steering sure does look busy. That's more controls than on the stick of a Boeing 787. BTW, Ford needs to up the quality of the leather material.
  17. lcbrownz

    Tri-bar logo

    Will the tri-bar logo transition to the 2024 S650?
  18. lcbrownz

    2023 Car Ads Have Started Shooting

    I just got the word that auto manufacturers are already filming ads for the 2023 MY. I know the ad agency (for Ford) and its film crew probably signed NDAs to keep from spilling the beans about the new S650, maybe someone knows a member of the film crew (who is shooting the 2024 Mustang ads)...
  19. lcbrownz

    S650 HVAC controls

    Is it my imagination but does the HVAC controls in the S650 spy shots look similar to the late 1950s Ford AM radios?
  20. lcbrownz

    Hood angle similar to the 1961 Thunderbird

    Does anyone notice on these concept drawings the hood angle (downward curve from the windshield to bumper) is very similar to the 1961 Thunderbird?