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  1. Stratman397

    How many are regretting

    Buying their 2024 mustangs? I wish more than anything I would have boughten a 2023
  2. Stratman397

    This is the 2nd place we ordered and canceled from.

    Check out the price of the rapid red car
  3. Stratman397


    Just got off the phone with my son who has worked for interstellar batteries for years. Told him about the batteries. I looked at my voltage while I was driving. He said it was fine. Was telling him what people’s cars were doing. He said that is an alternator issue. He said once your battery...
  4. Stratman397


    Ok, all of a sudden, every time I start my car up, I have to turn the radio on as it is off. What’s going on with that?
  5. Stratman397

    Wow 2024 dark horse USED with 9 miles😱

    So why do you think this is? I am thinking about trading mine in, only because of this skin condition and having a convertible. I love my convertible, but I pay for it when the son hits my arms Burn so bad and that was from itching it. It’s got something to do with nerves. A couple weeks ago, I...
  6. Stratman397

    Motor vehicle battery rundown protection system

    Now, I know a lot of people on here have been having problems with their battery’s dying. So I was reading up on some of the Mustangs still coming into the dealers around here, and saw that they have battery with run down protection. So I was reading up on that, and with me being a woman and...
  7. Stratman397

    Service soon

    So just put a little over 200 miles on my car, took it out earlier, and when I started it up, had a warning light come on that said service do soon. Then the little wrench was lit up. We took it up to a little store 3 miles up the road, and when we got back in and started it up, the warning...
  8. Stratman397

    So this is 2nd dealer I had gotten that screwed up order #

    So he was raising the prices above MSRP and I got looking at sticker price on these cars. He is already coming dow (people here are smarter than I was giving them credit for) and 2 are almost back to msrp and the other one is way below. If anyone is looking for a dark matter gray 2024 GT or...
  9. Stratman397

    Check out these older mustangs at our local dealer. I was looking at these the other day

    Some of them are pretty awesome https://www.lakekeoweeford.com/used-inventory/index.htm?make=Ford&model=Mustang
  10. Stratman397

    Check your cars out good

    Before you take off from the dealerships with them. Our son was looking at ours today and showed his dad a couple little dents in it. Of course hubby said where did you park to get those? I have literally taken it out twice where I have parked in the parking lot, neither time there was no way...
  11. Stratman397

    I had just put in 2024 owners manual, even though I know we have it on here

    But these are videos. Thought I would post this as it has all videos on anything you need answers for, which is easier, at least for me, than just reading https://www.ford.com/support/vehicle/mustang/2024/how-to-videos/video-library/
  12. Stratman397


    Are any of you going to this Don't miss the Northeast Georgia Mustang Club's 50th Annual Fall Regional Shelby/Mustang and Ford Show on September 22-23, 2023, from 9am to 4pm. This free event is the perfect opportunity to admire the impressive lineup of Mustangs, Fords, and other classic cars in...
  13. Stratman397

    Convertible top

    I’m on my way to get my memory seat checked out at that Ford dealership, I don’t have a lot of faith in them, knowing what they’re doing Because this is all new to them as well, and I don’t want them messing with a lot of stuff they don’t know what’s going on. But I want to find out also on...
  14. Stratman397

    Can someone with a GT premium do me a favor?

    Ok, we set our seats on 1 and 2 inside the car, no, problem We are wanting to set them up where they sync with our key fobs, so when we use our keys to unlock the car with hubbys keys, his seat is ready for him and vice versa. To do that. Per owners manual, it says to hold the button you are...
  15. Stratman397

    Insurance and also for ones wondering on steps of building your car

    Found this on this site, somewhere. Lol Also just curious, the ones that already have your car. How is your insurance? My husband went and paid ours. We always get a check back not long after we pay as they always quote us more than it is. It was $390 for 6 months. Just wondering if that’s what...
  16. Stratman397

    They forgot to keep it out of mine Anyone else?

  17. Stratman397

    They didn’t keep iy

  18. Stratman397

    Guess what?

    The car I originally ordered and had to cancel, showed up. So guess what I am buying right now?
  19. Stratman397

    So, I’m jealous

    Y’all are getting your beautiful mustangs and mine isn’t even quite here yet, I’m sure it isn’t even this beautiful yet! I have been calling the dealership the last two days because I decided I want the space gray interior instead of the black and the guy I have to talk to is out because his...
  20. Stratman397

    Posted in Cincinnati