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  1. maybemaybe

    MT82 - How are the shifts?

    I am looking to place an order for a manual GT at some point. There were some early reviews commenting that the MT82 this time around shifts better than previous iterations with some issues of the clutch not coming back up quick enough when shifting fast. Now that some time has passed, how has...
  2. maybemaybe

    New to Mustangs, New to Car Scene

    I think its a combindation of weight and the high revving coyote that makes these cars lack that low end power feel. It completely baffles my mind how my friends old 3 valve mustang feels so responsive while my 21 a10 GT even with all that extra power, feels so muted. Different animals I suppose.
  3. maybemaybe

    Lots of unsold dark horse on ground

    Ugh me too, especially the vagina looking emblem.
  4. maybemaybe

    To the Road Course (Buttonwillow track) with the 2024 Mustang GT - Overheating and Clutch Issues Aplenty!

    Ahh behold the beauty that is the MT82. Nothing says quality like a Made in China stamp.
  5. maybemaybe

    Insane 0-60

    That's almost as fast as my 98 Corolla. Speedo hit 0-60 in ~2.5 seconds when the front end was in the air on jack stands.
  6. maybemaybe

    GT Premium First Impression

    That is disappointing. The weight must be killing these cars. My 2021 GT auto feels so sluggish off the line compared to my friend's old 3 valve mustang with the 5 speed manual that weighs about 300 pounds less. My car has so much more hp but there something about it that just makes it feel...
  7. maybemaybe

    Introduce Yourself to Mustang7G!

    Gonna buy myself a 1999 corolla ce when the s650 arrives.
  8. maybemaybe

    6/1/22 unveil for S650 Mustang or something else?

    It's to announce the replacement/elimination of the 10R80 and MT82 with the return of the Ford Powershift DCT for the S650.