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  1. Mazman

    Throttle House: 2024 Mustang GTPP vs Camaro SS 1LE - Drag Race & Lap Times

    They have actually done a 1le against pp2 with the same tire and the 1le was faster around their track. Let's face it the alpha platform is a superior platform out the box from a dynamics perspective. As said many times before the Mustang is under-tired in none PP2/M1 HP/DH HP. Why e.g the M1...
  2. Mazman

    Insane 0-60

    If all of this is important pay 150 USD and get a dragy or racebox and you will get a super accurate and reliable reading ....end of story :p
  3. Mazman

    To the Road Course (Buttonwillow track) with the 2024 Mustang GT - Overheating and Clutch Issues Aplenty!

    This is why one would go with a DH and this is where the extra dollares would go with the additional cooling and different trans(with the M6) from factory (without having to start adding coolers etc on a GT). Lot of folks question why to go for the DH, getting ice cream and thinking that you...
  4. Mazman

    Who has received their Dark Horse with Handling Package?

    thas shit is hot :D Congrats! The rear wing really suits the car! The picture from the side profile really shows it off!
  5. Mazman

    Insane 0-60

  6. Mazman

    Official Mustang S650 Aftermarket Wheel & Tire Thread

    TE37s looks really really good
  7. Mazman

    Top Gear reviews the S650 GT

    not to be that guy! But Top Gear has lost it in my opinion apart from when Harris(if he does any work with them any longer ) shows his face!
  8. Mazman

    Top Gear reviews the S650 GT

    the grabber is hot though!
  9. Mazman

    S650 slow......what's the truth???

    the more important question is why folks with fast cars are trying to race me in my MX5 :D (I race anyone just for the fun of it even if a soccermom in a Audi diesel will be quicker haha)
  10. Mazman

    Quality is job 1

    To @samson post ... Why would you want to increase the salaries with 40% when the folks don't even recognize that they have put in two different seats.... 🤣 as it is in this case sorry had to.......
  11. Mazman

    Anyone else? Caliper paint wearing / peeling offf

    Is your barrel looking similar? Thinking if there has been brake fluid spill for one or the other reason that has not been wiped off? The fluid itself can ruin painted surfaces if left unattended.
  12. Mazman

    So whats up with the manuals?

    I have actually been considering the BMW I4 M50 as my daily which is a pretty decent EV and that bugger is really quick 100-200km/h, quicker than my GT was 100-200. the thing with EVs are, yes they are boring but as a DD with a decent one you can still have a bit of fun. Also one important...
  13. Mazman

    So whats up with the manuals?

    The way I see it the DH with the tremec(and it has or at least had shorter gears in the M1) and 3:73 (which the car in the vid has) should be the quickest combo of the M6 combinations.
  14. Mazman

    So whats up with the manuals?

    I am not arguing which is faster/quicker(M6/A10) but a car that is supposed to have 50hp more and have more torque should not be up to 6 mph slower@201m (which is quite substantial) irrespective of transmission. But let's see when there are more A10s getting som times in and better weather and...
  15. Mazman

    So whats up with the manuals?

    However 5-6mph slower @201m compared to what I had in my 18 EU GT (with an A10 though) . And the EU GT has 10hp and 40-50NM less than a 18 US GT...
  16. Mazman

    Pulling carbon traps

    the carbon traps will most likely be there on all V8 models (as it was for the S550 22+) 60-130 1 second quicker is quite substantial in relation( I have seen the dragy postings)
  17. Mazman

    Stangmode 1/4 mile run

    What is interesting(for me) is the MPH, not sure what the DA is but the speed is not that good compared to previous gen. That would be a great indication of the power ( my best according to Dragy 402@~118.2mph([email protected]) with my 18 EU spec GT A10 PP however with a drop-in filter and x-pipe) But...
  18. Mazman

    (Dark)Horse Horsepower is lower than we thought?

    I get what you mean but still the numbers given by the OEMs is not power at the wheels :p Some OEMs seem to give the figures with optimum conditions and e.g. what seems to be the case with BMW is the lowest number the engine will give at peak or they just plain understate the figures for...