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  1. Ace

    So now that the S650 is using dual air intakes...

    I stumbled upon Mach 1 pictures again and made a sudden realization: the two blind circles in the grilles were obviously designed for the dual air intake that we now have on Gen 7. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually intended to use the new dual air intake for the Mach 1 but management...
  2. Ace

    New EU model sightings

    Found these pics online. This EU GT was spotted in June at the Nürburgring. Should be the prototype that was seen quite multiple times with nite pony package and no base spoiler for european models like on Gen 6. Taillights for European models again seen in red with lower quarter being...
  3. Ace

    Black Dark Horse on Winter tires spotted

    Didn't found an existing topic, so hopefully this in new. Ford Authority has new pics of a black DH on winter tires https://fordauthority.com/2022/12/2024-ford-mustang-dark-horse-with-winter-tires-photos/
  4. Ace

    The hidden Gen 6 on this forum

    Maybe this graphic should be updated? 😅
  5. Ace

    Build your own Custom 2024 Mustang S650 NOW on my builder!

    The car was just announced, but now you have the chance to already build your very own Custom 2024 Mustang. With my new 2024 Mustang Builder - exklusively on my site modernmusclecars.de - you can play around will the options Ford will offer and even more. No matter if you prefer Ecoboost, GT or...
  6. Ace

    Dark Horse Mustang in more colors - renderings

    Here are just a few quick mock ups how the Dark Horse might look in different colors.
  7. Ace

    S650 incl. Dark Horse will arrive in Europe late 2023 + First pics of Euro model

    Just got the news, it's coming to Europe in late 2023. Here are the first pics. Besides the bigger mirrors I think these are white rear lights again that are switched on for the images to appear more red. But I'm not sure on that
  8. Ace

    Pure Sound of the 2024 Mustang GT & Dark Horse

    Pump up the volume and enjoy! It sounds friggin amazing! :sunglasses:
  9. Ace

    Ford announces 7th Gen Mustang S650 with teaser sound clip! 🔊

    Mustangs FB page announced the 7th gen too
  10. Ace

    Newest S650 Mustang rendering by Carscoops based on leak looks real

    Carscoops released new renderings based on the leaks. Their artist usally is pretty close to the real cars, from what I can see here they got the frontend really close to the leaked images and making it actually look really nice.
  11. Ace

    S650 Mustang Rendered in Colors + Enhanced Front Fascia

    I got to say, I was pretty disappointed when seeing the Ecoboost. But I really like the GT. I think the pic isnt doing it full justice, the full frontend will have strong GT350 vibes to it, but way more angular. The grille totally reminds me of my favorite Mustang, the 1969 Mach 1. Damn, it's...
  12. Ace

    New S650 Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    With the new spyshots available I tried to update my last rendering as good as possible. I added two sketches what I think the lines of the frontend might look like. Here's how I imagine the car could look like without any camo.
  13. Ace

    Rendering: 2023 Mustang (based on Ford Evos)

    With the reveal of the Ford Evos I got the feeling that the new Mustang will use a pretty similiar design language. A few hours in photoshop later I can present you my new Renderings for the upcoming Mustang. I actually really like the outcome how single frame grille and the Evos-bodylines look...
  14. Ace

    Rendering: This is how 2023 Mustang 7th gen should look like

    Update: Check out my newer renderings here It's a bit late, but I finally finished my next rendering for the upcoming Gen 7. Let's start with what we can conclude. This was the Sculpture that Ford showed in China last year, which most likely is what they are going for with Gen 7 and will be...