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  1. Pyroguy

    Early Access Program

    Did anyone else get an invite for the Early Access Program? Not sure if it's a whole lot of anything, but I applied for it.
  2. Pyroguy

    Sarah n Tuned Review

    I like her reviews. Just wanted to share.
  3. Pyroguy

    Delivery Pics & Video: Pyroguy's Blue Ember Dark Horse, HP

    Very Exciting. It was delivered this afternoon to the dealer. I went to see it 2 hours later, so it wasn't touched yet. It was a cloudy day and dirty from sitting out for a month, so I couldn't see the paint shine. I am very happy with the color, and it should look great all shined up...
  4. Pyroguy

    Dark Horse Owners, Share your Chassis numbers

    Please share chassis numbers here if you would like.
  5. Pyroguy

    No Dark Horse Track Attack Program :(

    I was disappointed when I didn't see anything about Track Attack on my window sticker. So I contacted them, and now we have an answer. It sucks I was really wanting to do this.
  6. Pyroguy

    Dark Horse Car Cover

    I thought I would share this. I want to get the Ford cover for the Dark Horse. I wanted to know if they will make one with the logo on it like the GT500 and the Mach 1. Since the Ford builder sucks and just says black cover with no picture, I emailed Ford. I asked if they had a picture yet...