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  1. MustangMac67

    Pre-Owned Dark Horse Out There

    Good to know that even toyota has stealerships
  2. MustangMac67

    Splitters, Diffusers, Tow Hooks, and MORE! ZL1 Addons for 2024+ Mustang is here!

    I love the front splitter and the rock guards. Not a big fan of the diffuser
  3. MustangMac67

    Vapor Blue 2024 Mustang GT with some mods: CJ springs, SVE R357’s 19x10, 19x11

    That looks really good. One of the best stanced s650s I have seen
  4. MustangMac67

    Dyno: Post Break-In 2024 Dark Horse vs Mustang GT comparison by Steeda

    I think that the 3hp loss is attributed to different conditions.
  5. MustangMac67

    2024 GT vs 2024 Dark Horse 1/4 mile drag strip race

    Those are trofeo rs tires
  6. MustangMac67

    Picked her up and my first shoot - Yellow Splash w/ BAP 2024 GT

    On the trunk lid, does anyone notice in the concave element some panel gaps?
  7. MustangMac67

    Dark Horse A10 vs GT350 Drag Race (Hennessey)

    I did some calculations, and adjusted for inflation, a 2017 gt350 base would be 60k. That is right in line with the dh. Yes, yes, the dh has less power, but it has better build quality, reliablility, nvh, comfort, and material use.
  8. MustangMac67

    Ben Hardy Dark Horse Review

    He said that he is not able to drive it in the review. I would assume it is a customer's car.
  9. MustangMac67

    Ben Hardy Dark Horse Review

    I second that. I check his channel almost every other day.
  10. MustangMac67

    11.222 @ 125.17 on 1/4 mile pass in Steeda's modified S650 build #SilverBullet!

    I was scrolling through IG the other day and saw a reel of a 24 running a 10.8 at 129. I cannot find it again.
  11. MustangMac67

    krisk - Race Red GT UPDATE: Delivered

    A gorgeous car! I am curious to know how the bronze contrasts the red in real life.
  12. MustangMac67

    Paint issues...

    Say the UAW makes 74k on average right now. That is right in line with the national average. If the 36% pay increase they are asking for is put into effect, they will make roughly 100k per year. For all the panel gaps, dents, thin paints, hair between paint layers, and mismatched seats; they...
  13. MustangMac67

    Modified S650 Thread

    How is the rubbing?
  14. MustangMac67

    Insane 0-60

    My guess is that the car read the tires spinning as a speed faster than it actually going.
  15. MustangMac67

    2024 EcoBoost Mustang premium with performance pack, finally arrived after order date on March 17th

    I rented a 2019 gt vert a while back, and I noticed that the passenger rear quarter window would not close all the way to the door window after the top went up. I was able to stick a finger in between the two windows, so I had to pull it shut. I am wondering if you have that problem
  16. MustangMac67

    She’s here!

    Yikes! Well, I hope you get that 7k