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  1. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Some dealers....all.you can do is shake your head. And they say things are bigger in Texas? HA!
  2. To the Road Course (Buttonwillow track) with the 2024 Mustang GT - Overheating and Clutch Issues Aplenty!

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but I do not recall the GT being promoted as track ready. As best I can recall, I only saw Dark Horse variants advertised as track ready. I think Dub called it right. If you want to track your car, go with the Dark Horse or plan to spend on mods.
  3. Just Picked Up My Shadow Black DH

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Excellent idea! If their daily business practices mirror the values described herein, then they should be proud to display those values transparently and own them.
  5. Palm Beach Dyno x Triple Seven Dyno Results for 2024 Dark Horse!

    The voice of reason! There are viable options for those that want to do more than enjoy the ride.
  6. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    Exactly! Buy it, or shut up and move on. I've never seen anyone that was forced to buy a car, lol.
  7. Are you ok if you didn't get a confirm email?

    I agree. If you've been in contact with Ford and they acknowledged your ordered, I'd think you're probably good to go.
  8. Are you ok if you didn't get a confirm email?

    Check your spam folder. That's where I found my confirmation email.
  9. Plans for your Mustang?

    I have Gen 1 Tacoma PreRunner (2002) that is my "forever" vehicle and I'm keeping both.
  10. Apparently this includes the dealer markup. I would love to see the window sticker

    I also noticed that it was advertised on the dealer site as a DH, but the sticker is DH Premium, which would accout for part of the higher price.
  11. Apparently this includes the dealer markup. I would love to see the window sticker

    Dealer in Florida had 2 DH allocations. I got the last one back in May for $67.6. Received order confirmation from Ford, but no VIN as of today. I checked with sales Rep, he said to expect production delays until Oct for DH. Not sure about GT.
  12. Markups

    Maybe we should have a naughty dealers list on this site as well. Greed is a sickness.
  13. Is the DH worth it?

    He sure talks a lot. Buy what you like and can afford..then call.it a day. if you can't afford it, stay on the porch.
  14. Anyone in north/central FL getting a '24?

    West Coast, Sarasota/Bradenton. Ordered 5/26 and received order confirmation email 5/29.