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  1. Decio

    Strut Tower Bar Plate

    I agree. I'll drive a few miles and check on it. Some of the stuff I have used from Gorilla is pretty strong and should handle some vibration. Heat will be interesting to see how that hold's up. Might end up becoming a fridge magnet if this doesn't work out.
  2. Decio

    Strut Tower Bar Plate

    It's a little unclear because there are no "options" really. What you have to do is complete the purchase, then contact the seller via ebay using their "contact the seller" button on the right side of the screen when the purchase is made. Here's what I emailed the seller via ebay: 1. Engine...
  3. Decio

    Strut Tower Bar Plate

    That's a really good deal for the entire assembly!
  4. Decio

    Strut Tower Bar Plate

    I was a little disappointed to open the hood on my GT PP and see three pre-drilled holes on the strut brace bar. I know it's not a DH, but they couldn't slap something on there? I'm taking a chance on ebay and hopefully this will work out. I'll update the post either way when it comes in...
  5. Decio

    *New Product* S650 Mustang Decklid Panel

    Any options for convertible users with the 3.75" stubby antenna?
  6. Decio

    Hi everyone new here and have a few questions

    Sign up for Mustang Club of America today, wait 90 days, apply for and receive your X-Plan PIN, and order the GT from a participating dealer. Search X-Plan or MCA on this forum for a lot more information.
  7. Decio

    Strange Dealership Interaction

    I wasn't there so obviously I don't know what happened, but my guess based on your description was the sales person/manager looked at you and decided your credit-worthiness based solely on your appearance. I hope I'm wrong, but there are still people out there who will make a snap decision...
  8. Decio

    A Dark Horse now vs waiting for custom order GT Premium

    If your dealer participates in X-plan, join MCA today and I bet your PIN comes in before your car. If they don't participate, find another dealer if you have a refundable deposit. If not, weigh the pros/cons of losing your deposit. I saved over $3k. Waiting sucks...getting a better deal...
  9. Decio

    A Dark Horse now vs waiting for custom order GT Premium

    It's hard waiting, but saving money with X-Plan on a GT might be worth considering. Sadly can't use it on DH, but at least you found one without $10k or more ADM.
  10. Decio


    Not sure if this picture helps at all. Do you have anything just a hair longer than 3 3/4" that you can put in the place of the antenna if you unscrew the original just to see if it'll work? I saw in another thread there might be an antenna delete screw-on option out there if you don't care...
  11. Decio

    2024 Convertible Antenna - Want to replace it - What are the options?

    I can confirm the Stubby for the S550 works just fine. I just screwed it on and uploaded photos to an antenna thread moments ago. You can buy one from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer here: https://www.cravenspeed.com/the-original-stubby-antenna-for-2015-2020-ford-mustang-convertible/
  12. Decio


    What's with all these dealers not following the PDI? It's literally a step-by-step guide so there are no foul-ups. I thought I had convertible gap covers in the trunk, turned out to be the underbody strakes that come with the PP. PDI step 3. Not excited about my first oil change.
  13. Decio


    So funny I came on here to start an antenna thread. I have the convertible and I wanted to share the Stubby from the S550 screws the on just fine. I could do without the advertising in white lettering on the side of the antenna, but the aesthetics more than make up for it. I had one on my...
  14. Decio

    Extended Warranty Questions

    I would say look at the price differential between the two and divide by 8. Is it worth the money over 8 years to not argue about what is and what isn't covered? I drive less, so the 10-year premium made sense for me. If cost is a concern, would a higher deductible make sense in your case...
  15. Decio

    Getting ready to order

    It seems like you know exactly what you do and do not want, so I would recommend getting the order in. Ford and the UAW are closer than any other manufacturer to a deal as of this writing and this particular plant isn't involved at this time anyway. Ford worked through a backlog of thousands...
  16. Decio

    Service soon

    Wouldn't hurt to get it checked and see if there's a stored error code. Could be a low battery voltage that corrected while you drove? I'm no mechanic, don't take my word. Check it out.
  17. Decio

    Is Maintenance Plan worth it?

    When considering this, don't forget to factor in the time value of money. Can you put some maintenance money away in a high-yield CD for 9 or 12 months? I went for the warranty, but I'd rather pay for maintenance as I go. If you go anywhere other than a Ford dealer, just make sure you keep...
  18. Decio

    Battery Question

    Take it back to the Quick Lane service that flagged it initially and see if they can replace the battery under warranty. There are bells and whistles you can turn off to save battery (motion sensors, remote window down, etc.) but you shouldn't have to at this point.
  19. Decio

    Ford Pass $200 credit points?

    I recommend using the 42k points as a $210 coupon on an extended warranty from Granger, especially before the October price hike. Check out other threads here for a lot more info if you're interested.
  20. Decio

    Tracker went from Built to Confirmed?

    The same thing happened to me (and just about everyone here who has their car). It's a weird glitch in the system. Your car is about to ship! It's being handed off to the shipper and your tracker should update in about 24 hours. The "Get Your Garage Ready" email from Ford should hit your...