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  1. Want a good laugh? Dealer asking $106k for a Dark Horse

    That dealer is around the corner from my house. I bought my first mustang from them (they were on Main Street in Smithtown then). I wouldn’t buy anything from them ever again. Which is a shame, I need to order a few service vans (looking at Ford Transits) and it would be convenient to go there.
  2. 2024 Mustang Order Banks / Configurator / Build & Price

    Offering a factory pickup option would alleviate some of this, similar to what GM offers with the Corvette.
  3. Will Dark Horse be an allocated package?

    Ford probably won’t allow it, like with the M1
  4. New 2024 Mustang Dark Horse details: color-shifting Blue Ember paint, stripe options, interior look

    I’m hoping the suede is available on non-appearance package DH models, but probably not. :(
  5. New 2024 Mustang Dark Horse details: color-shifting Blue Ember paint, stripe options, interior look

    I’d love the suede Recaro’s without the appearance package. The wording makes it seem that suede Recaro’s are appearance package only.
  6. Single exhaust tip standard on S650 GT

    It also reduces chip count on chips that are harder to get. Solid state relay drivers, which it uses, are in high demand and short supply. That’s why Chevy wasn’t shipping with heated steering wheels and DFM.
  7. News and S650 Mustang pictures from Ford Frontline (Dealership Training Brochure)

    I see this all the time in the IT industry in general.
  8. 2% under invoice on 2024 Ford Mustang orders. Dark Horse @MSRP - Granger Ford

    I’ve never purchased out of state before. How is that typically handled? I’m in NY for reference.
  9. S650 Worth Asking Price?

    I agree. The economic storm is just starting. If you think grocery prices are high now, they’re going to get a lot higher. Buyers that were hoping to stretch their budgets to get this generation are probably going to be priced out of these cars even at the current prices.
  10. Will s650 seats sit lower?

    Re-reading the original statement from Ford, they may have made a change to the moulding near the door. Airbag advances have made them smaller, leading to smaller moulding, making it a little easier to get thru the door with a helmet. Just a guess.
  11. S650 Mustang vs S550 Mustang side-by-side comparison pics thread

    Hopefully the DH version uses the Shelby style bolstering.
  12. First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    Jacking rails.
  13. First 2024 Mustang GT S650 (VIN 001) will be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson on January 28

    Usually the winner gets to select the options they want on the car, so it may end up being a DH in the end.
  14. S650's direct competition?

    The BMW M2 isn’t very far off from the DH expected pricing. Power is down a little, but it’s available in a manual, and roughly the same size. I recently saw a comparison of the M3, Mach 1 and another car. The Mach 1 beat the others out in overall driver enjoyment.
  15. S650 Mustang vs S550 Mustang side-by-side comparison pics thread

    I’d be happy with the Recaro’s from the GT500, with heat.
  16. The Dark Horse's Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo RS tires look to be the first of their kind

    Does anyone know how the new tires are in cold weather compared to the Cup2? I’m wondering if the production limits played a part in the switch from Cup2’s.
  17. 🎉 The 7th Gen Mustang S650 Has Officially Landed!!

    I’m thinking the “tablets” sit a little too high and may obstruct the view for shorter drivers.
  18. S650 Mustang Fanboi Thread

    Overall I like it, and I’m definitely planning on ordering a DH with handling pack. I’m hoping the screens on the dash don’t sit up too high and block the view over the hood, and that Ford provides a migration path from Sync 4 to Automotive OS (maybe thru a dealer upgrade procedure). For those...
  19. Android Automotive it is for S650 Mustang (Ford ditching SYNC 4)

    I was hoping that statement was referring to model year, not calendar year. With this much lead time, maybe they can make the switch from Sync 4 to Automotive OS available as a dealer procedure.