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  1. Revan Evan dynos Dark Horse HP + removes Carbon Traps

    Okay - maybe the numbers aren't 85% but my point still stands. I've seen a significant number of people claim the new Mustang is slower/less powerful than the previous generation when it's been repeatedly proven that is not the case and why. I knew first impressions meant everything but man...
  2. Revan Evan dynos Dark Horse HP + removes Carbon Traps

    "tHe nEw mUsTaNg iS sLoW aNd DoEsN't mAkE aS mUcH pOwEr aS aDvErTiSeD!" Assuming a 15% DT loss this is 515/529/535bhp, which is MORE than advertised no matter how you look at it. Who would have thought all it needed was to be broken in? 🧐
  3. Dark Horse Actual Pricing

    I think I might have misphrased - the Dark Horse is special, but not "I'll pay 10k+ ADM for this car" special. I meant that while this is a nice car, at the end of the day it's still a Mustang - not a 911, McLaren, or some other exotic GT. Maybe there won't be discounts any time soon but this...
  4. Dark Horse Actual Pricing

    If they ask for an ADM of more than 5k I'd personally just wait until April to order with a different dealer. That, or until they get their head out of their rear and offer the car to you at MSRP. The Dark Horse is a phenomenal car IMO, but it's not that special. None of these Mustangs should...
  5. 2025 Paint Colors

    We need Eruption and Mischevious back at the least. I'm hearing some whispers on a green for one of the "Mustang" models though, so maybe we'll see something in 2025.
  6. Drive Mode After Turning Ignition Off

    I heard this from around the way, but if you set your settings in MyMustang, when you enter the vehicle turn the car on without cranking, switch to your profile and the exhaust will open up. Then crank, and you'll start in whatever exhaust mode you have set. I don't know if this works on...
  7. Mustang Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 10/30-11/27

    That's precisely what the note is telling dealers to do, if I'm reading this correctly. They're not dropping it from customer orders.
  8. S650 slow......what's the truth???

    Sneeze on the throttle in that thing and you're in jail.
  9. So whats up with the manuals?

    Where are you seeing mid 5s?! Whoever's getting a 0-60 above 5 seconds does not know how to drive a manual, full stop. Get the car yourself and launch it, you will see for yourself.
  10. DIY: how to remove hydrocarbon filters from 2024 Mustang GT / Dark Horse

    So the GTs are really pushing about 496/502hp at the crank, if I'm reading this correctly, which would push the DH to about 516?
  11. 3.0L Whipple Supercharged 2024 Mustang GT FIRST Listen (Lethal Performance)!

    If I counted correctly it's just over 6 seconds to 100 and just under 3 to 60. First bets on HP numbers? I'll guess between 830-850.
  12. Insurance and also for ones wondering on steps of building your car

    Must be due to a number of factors, but I got quoted about $150/month when I wanted an answer to this question. It's a lot more than what the rest of you are getting, but given my situation I consider this pretty low. No, my driving record is clean.
  13. Rear spoiler swapping (uninstall / install) made easier?

    It sure appears that way, so that would be my assumption as well. Great idea if so. Ford is thinking about the aftermarket with this one.
  14. Behind the Wheel of a Modified 2024 Mustang Dark Horse!

    Those rims are hitting a little *too* hard. 👀 Did the springs drop the ride height as well? It looks like it did, and it looks really good. This is stunning.
  15. WORLD'S FIRST 2024 Mustang DARK HORSE Hits The Dyno! (w/ @velocity5.0 ) by Steeda

    408/357. Pull done in 5th gear, 10R80 I'm gonna guess and say it's not running premium or broken in. These numbers on a 15% DT loss are the same as a base GT.
  16. Official CARBONIZED GRAY Mustang S650 Thread

    Anyone here happen to have a CG convertible GT that also lives in SE Michigan? I may have seen your car on Main street. I nabbed a photo as I was driving past. I'll post it later. It's pretty clean. 👍
  17. Sync system issues

    Talk to Ford ASAP. This should not be happening on a brand new car IMO. If I didn't know any better I'd dare to say that they sold you a prototype. Should this kind of thing even be happening??
  18. My 2024 Dark Horse arrived at dealer ahead of schedule (first photos)

    Is that CG or DMG? Guessing CG since it looks too light to be DMG.
  19. What options include the mycolor / ambient lighting?

    Ambient comes on the 101A, 301A, and any premium trim. Welcome lighting only comes on premium regardless of X01A or not.