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  1. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    Okay cool. I still don't think you get the point. I don't want a Corvette. I don't want a different car. I want a Dark horse and I would do the same thing as OP if I was told there was no markup and then there was on delivery. Had time to think about this one. Order the exact one I want and get...
  2. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    Worth is determined by the person. The worth of it is more to me than you
  3. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    Weird the dark horse is ineligible for X Plan any ways
  4. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    And there are tons on there above MRSP. Did you just ignore what I said? I don't care there are others "listed" at MSRP who really knows if that is what they are going to sell for. Cause you know it cost me money and time to get one that is no where near me
  5. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    Okay cool that's you. You don't want to spend the money on that car versus I really like the Dark horse and I really want one that's just a lot more easier and convenient just to get the one from my dealer. also I just see it instead of having to search for one at MSRP. See if I have to get it...
  6. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    Yeah you got a GT at price. They are selling GTs at MSRP. They are only selling the Dark horse above but who cares? It's not your money
  7. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    I doubt that. You see them on lots for 10 to 20k over sticker everywhere but they still sell. There are people willing to pay hell. There's people willing to pay 10 20k over MSRP just to get a car not too long ago. Not just a specialty car any car. And you really don't think they'd bring more...
  8. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    The only thing that sucks is most likely that will slap a higher mark up now since you didn't take it. That's my only guess. My dealer said they have had other dealers calling them trying to get a dark horse for buyers that are offering up to 20k plus over sticker
  9. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    At least it shipped. Mine has been in holding for almost a month. I know others had theirs held longer but the OKTB wasn't out yet.
  10. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    Why does it seem like the people that have cars built that are close to the plant cannot get their cars but dealers across the country are getting theirs shipped within days.
  11. Clarification on dealer VVR "start" and "end" dates.

    Trust me I know. They are just telling me my car has not been released for shipping and yet I have seen peoples cars that are produced and shipped like two days later. Or Cars made after mine getting shipped is disheartening. I was hoping for a couple months of good weather to enjoy it but not...
  12. Clarification on dealer VVR "start" and "end" dates.

    I just checked too and my window sticker is not there. Maybe just an issue with the site maybe. But if you just go here instead with your VIN at the end it should show https://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin= The one in the tracker broke for me
  13. Clarification on dealer VVR "start" and "end" dates.

    I am in kinda the same boat. Car has been produced since the 28th of august. Only 4 hours away from the plant with an ETA of the 22-28. My dealer speculates since they have one other mustang that was dealer ordered for the same time they are waiting till the other is done so they can ship...
  14. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Depending on the spec of the dark horse, it could already be at 70k before markup so I would say easily 100 110
  15. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    My dealer is only doing the mark up on the dark horse and that's it. I could have ordered a GT with no mark up but I didn't want to. Also most of what I have seen is most that have one on the lot is 20k or more mark up
  16. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Speeding is wrong does that stop any one here. Probably not
  17. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Yea but who knows where. Then how much am I going to spend to go get it or have it shipped. Even then who knows if I would get it. Also it's not like I can just get up go and make a trip like that. It's great some people can do that but I can't.
  18. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Only one I could get around here. Don't know why people act surprised about it
  19. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    You are 6 grand shy of what I am paying for a fully loaded dark horse with a 10k mark up
  20. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    What in the world does it mean when you are told your car is not released for shipping but they are saying there is no notes stating any issues with the car.