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  1. CarGuyBill

    Build and Price Update: Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels Priced/Available + New Interior Photos

    That is what I figured as well so maybe next time!
  2. CarGuyBill

    Build and Price Update: Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels Priced/Available + New Interior Photos

    I would change my order but mine is scheduled for 10-16 so don't think I can ad a HP and the Wheels and not mess it up and delay it till April next year.
  3. CarGuyBill

    Build and Price Update: Dark Horse Carbon Fiber Wheels Priced/Available + New Interior Photos

    I wonder if Ford Performance will have them in the catalogue? I did not order the HP but the wheels might be nice for the right price.
  4. CarGuyBill

    GT Oil Filter part # number?

    Should be in the owners manual in the dash. Just search "oil" and it should show up. The FL2127 is a new number I had to order some from my dealer for my Escape. It is like the FL910 but has metric threads like the FL500
  5. CarGuyBill

    Gears not showing

    Best thing to do is Call the Ford customer service line and let them know that is how things get added over time.
  6. CarGuyBill

    Gears not showing

    On the F-150 Ranger etc. you can press the + on the shifter when sitting still or moving + and it will show what gear it is in until it is restarted. I would guess you have padel shifters so that will most likely not work. My Explorer ST does not show the gear unless you hit the paddle shifter...
  7. CarGuyBill

    Primary dash screen settings

    Not sure but on other Fords I have you can have the fob etc. but if you use the Ford Pass App it clears everything out like you are a new user. In my Mach E it even takes you off the profile, so you must reactivate the profile when you get in and start it up. Hopefully someday soon I will be...
  8. CarGuyBill

    Need X-Plan ASAP - Help Anyone??

    Only good for United States
  9. CarGuyBill

    Cruise control out of control, found possible issue! Tolerance set to wrong value

    Don’t have my Mustang Dark Horse Yet but on my Mach E GTPE when you have speed sign recognition turned on with adaptive cruise control you can set a tolerance (normally I drive 5 to 7 over the posted limit) so when the zone is recognized by the cruse instead of 70 it will do 75 or what ever you...
  10. CarGuyBill

    Tire Pressue

    I would run them at the Recommended PSI. If you are doing a track day I would jump them up five or so pounds till it felt good. The cars are all shipped with over inflated tires to help them on the transport from cold flat spotting the tires. The dealer should have lowered the tire psi during...
  11. CarGuyBill

    Dark Horse Actual Pricing

    My DH is set to be produced the same week and I have a signed buyers order for MSRP when I placed the order. You should also receive a $1000 privet offer from Ford for placing the order and waiting. You can chat or call Ford to see if there are any Private Offers in your name before going to the...
  12. CarGuyBill

    Paint issues...

    What I find interesting is my Mach E GTPE was built in Mexico and has the best fit and finish I have ever had on a vehicle in over 50 years of buying. My 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Limited in Peak Blue is exactly the same and also built in Mexico. My 2023 Ford Escape Platinum that is Silver has...
  13. CarGuyBill

    Mustang Scheduling This Week (8/24/23) for Production Weeks 10/2-10/23

    My Dark Horse Non HP Blue Ember was scheduled for 10-2 and is now 10-16
  14. CarGuyBill

    Ford Performance Racing School Announces Dark Horse Track Attack School + Destination Driving Event for EcoBoost and GT Owners

    Me and my wife did the ST driving experience at the Biltmore and I would highly recommend any of there events. I raced for 15 Years and still had a great time and my wife really enjoyed it.
  15. CarGuyBill

    Factory Orders Odometer Reading

    WOT (Wide Open Throttle) during the break in period is not the end of the world. You do want to limit it because the piston rings are not fully seated so you get a lot of unburned gas and contaminates pushed through to the oil. If you are concerned about your car being driven hard, I would do an...
  16. CarGuyBill

    Blue Ember Dark Horse arrived!

    I figured it would be the Pony That is very cool!
  17. CarGuyBill

    My 2024 Dark Horse arrived at dealer ahead of schedule (first photos)

    Thanks for the photos I am glad the wheels are not as Silver as they are on the Design and Build.
  18. CarGuyBill

    Mustang Scheduling This Week (8/24/23) for Production Weeks 10/2-10/23

    I never received an email from Ford but I check every week with Ford Chat and they gave me a VIN and mine is now scheduled for 10-2-23 Blue Ember 6 Speed no HP or Racaro I want the Memory seats.
  19. CarGuyBill


    I just picked up a Bronco Sport Heritage Limited this week and the dealer (not the one I have my Dark Horse ordered from) said they have one coming in. This is the link to it. https://www.athensford.com/new-Athens-2024-Ford-Mustang-Dark+Horse-1FA6P8R09R5500557
  20. CarGuyBill

    BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    Just checked and My Dark Horse Premium Non HP Blue Ember 6 Speed is scheduled for 10-2-23 I chatted with Ford today and they had a VIN I have not received the email but it showers good on the tracker.