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  1. ShaBoingBoing

    Dark Horse A10 vs GT350 Drag Race (Hennessey)

    DH vs Mach 1 would have been better
  2. ShaBoingBoing

    2024 Mustang GT Performance Pack with Mach-1 Handling Pack Wheels

    Was thinking of doing the same thing on mine. Did you have to do anything special? Any rubbing?
  3. ShaBoingBoing

    Motortrend: 2024 Mustang GT vs 2023 Challenger Scat Pack WB Head-to-Head Review

    Garbage comparison. Why put an auto against a manual? Why say the challenger is faster when the cars have the same 1/4 mile but the mustang has the faster et?
  4. ShaBoingBoing

    S650 slow......what's the truth???

    It is a bit disappointing to say the least that ford bottlenecks the cars so heavily during break in. I get why they do it but still
  5. ShaBoingBoing

    S650 slow......what's the truth???

    Everyone running these cars before break in is giving them a bad rep. I’d like to see an A10 GT with 3.55s and over 1000 miles run the 1/4 under the same exact conditions as a s550 with the same setup before people jump to the conclusion that a car with more hp and slightly more weight is slower.
  6. ShaBoingBoing

    Anyone's Car Stuck At New Boston?

    Mine is stuck in twin oaks which is about two hours away from me. I could’ve walked there and back several times over by now.
  7. ShaBoingBoing

    BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    Was told by FP that my car has been built and is waiting to be shipped but the tracker still says in production. No clue what I should expect at this point.
  8. ShaBoingBoing

    What are you upgrading from?

    Upgrading from a 2013 G37x sedan to a 10 speed GT. It was my first car and will be missed.
  9. ShaBoingBoing

    📬 6/15/23 Scheduling Emails Arrive!

    How long for a window sticker to be made available?
  10. ShaBoingBoing

    📬 6/15/23 Scheduling Emails Arrive!

    Scheduled for first week of august. How long from being built to delivery?
  11. ShaBoingBoing

    2024 Mustang section live on Ford Performance Parts website

    Hoping they’ll still sell the supercharger kit for this gen
  12. ShaBoingBoing


    If it helps, I ordered April 21st and have not gotten scheduled. May have to wait a while
  13. ShaBoingBoing

    🗓️ 2024 Mustang Limited Retail Scheduling, No U.S. Specialty (Dark Horse) Scheduling This Week (5/25/23)

    Was hoping I would get an email but I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the end of April
  14. ShaBoingBoing

    Performance Pack on the GT

    Keep in mind you can option the 3.55s without the pp
  15. ShaBoingBoing

    My first Mustang was/is a.. Foxbody / S650

    Congrats on the opportunity! I think it’s a fox body imsa car?
  16. ShaBoingBoing

    NYIAS: Dark Horse Mustang (Blue Ember) & Engine Bay FIRST Look + 2024 Mustang GT Convertible

    Saw it in person today. Absolutely beautiful. Better looking that the s550 imo
  17. ShaBoingBoing

    2024 Mustang No Scheduling this Week 4/6. May Production Schedule is Full

    Originally I was told that if I ordered on the 27th when preorders came out, my car would arrive early June. I unfortunately do not reach 90 days until the first week of June. I was worried because I know that the car would have to be picked up within a week of delivery.
  18. ShaBoingBoing

    2024 Mustang No Scheduling this Week 4/6. May Production Schedule is Full

    Does the is mean if we place an order now, we will not receive it until after June? I’m still waiting for my MCA X plan pin to come.