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  1. young at heart

    Hmmm…wonder how this will play out?

    I have no idea who trademarked the moniker “Dark Horse” first, but it’s a pretty safe bet that either Ford or Indian will be rethinking it. No way the suits will let it pass. https://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/chief-bobber-dark-horse/
  2. young at heart

    Can anybody translate this for me?

    From this morning’s Ford Authority: “The 2024 Ford Mustang ushers in an all-new seventh generation for the iconic pony car, bringing a host of updates to the Mustang line such as Sync 4 and a driver-centric digital cockpit. However, despite earlier assumptions that the next generation of...
  3. young at heart

    SO, is the S650 PCM locked or not?

    And is it a big deal to anyone else? OK, I like the new car just fine. But then again I love my two S550s as well and I don’t see anything about the S650 that makes me want to run out to the garage and light my new 500 mile GT on fire. At a glance, especially to a non-enthusiast the new car...