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  1. Any downside to ordering twice?

    Nope. I've got very particular tastes i guess haha
  2. If I had the money...

    Never liked em. Just like porches, all look ugly to me
  3. Any downside to ordering twice?

    Yes, only a $500 deposit on the first one. Second dealer said its illegal for a dealership to hold your deposit, so I'll try to get it back IF the second order comes in first, but we'll see. They've had 4-5 nite pony's show up on their lot in the past couple weeks, so who knows. Just figured...
  4. Any downside to ordering twice?

    The 2nd dealership is a much larger one and constantly is getting mustangs in, while my local dealer hasn't even got a single 2024 ordered into their lot yet. So i'm thinking theres a possibility that the first one just has a larger allocation bank. No hurt in trying when i don't have to put a...
  5. Any downside to ordering twice?

    Why is not my concern. I'm just wondering if there is a downside. There's no fee for canceling an order or anything right? (Obviously whichever doesn't arrive first will be cancelled) @Stratman397 you canceled an order right? Were there any downsides?
  6. Any downside to ordering twice?

    Another dealership has guaranteed that if I order with them that my order will be scheduled soon. I already have an order with a local dealership. The new dealership promised free delivery and no deposit. Is there any downside to having two orders? Can I just have both up then cancel...
  7. Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    yesirrrr finally someone gets it
  8. Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    Ill try to get you a part list, though i will say i'd be doing all the labor myself.
  9. Drag/Roll GT vs Dark Horse

    This is actually criminal for the price increase between the 2. Ford should be really ashamed this year.
  10. Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    Idgaf about standard market increases. The value is still not matched by anyone else unless you want a 23 Camaro. This is the exact same guy that went on and on about the active exhaust being pointless and sounding like shit and then went and optioned it on his car... @SoggyBottomBoy just...
  11. Getting ready to order

    I would not be surprised if that timeframe is accurate right now with the strikes etc. I fully intend to try and buy one off a lot, as I don't expect my order to even get scheduled this year.
  12. Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    It's a horrible value. The only way i'd even consider it at the price is if it came with the active exhaust. Ford overpriced everything this year from the base all the way up to dark horse, as they know they have 0 competition. Everyone knows it. Only person lying to themselves is you.
  13. Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    the performance package is highway robbery.
  14. 1 Week and I am In Love!

    Color just takes the masculinity away. Monochrome all the way. Either white with black accents or all black.
  15. 1 Week and I am In Love!

    Grabber blue is the only blue I like, other than that its white or nothing for me. Can always get an aftermarket wing, super easy to install! And they're really not that expensive.
  16. 1 Week and I am In Love!

    Can't stand the color but happy you enjoy the car! Maybe i'll get mine sometime in the next century!
  17. S650 vs S550 0-60 real life comparison

    You're right, which is why we're talking about times. Times show improvements.
  18. S650 vs S550 0-60 real life comparison

    I think it's more so that people want to see an improvement on a new gen at such a large price increase.
  19. S650 vs S550 0-60 real life comparison

    Was a little over .2 comparing both's best runs. Personally would've preferred like a 10 run average, but thats okay, better than nothing! The s650 still seem to be having problems handling the extra power, every run it still spun more than the s550, if that could be managed I imagine the gap...