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  1. dusman59

    ? on PP fall/winter production

    I believe I read on the forumn that Ford doesn't build PP in the cold weather. I don't know if that is true or not. Someone said it was because of the summer only tires. Things might have changed since 2011 as my car was made with summer only tires early Feburary. It seems the warmer States...
  2. dusman59

    Question on spoiler delete

    Can I get a spoiler delete with the PP? The build site says I can but my dealer says when they try to delete it takes out the PP. I know in the past the build site has had some issues. Has anyone been able to delete with PP?
  3. dusman59

    Mustangs going by rail

    Just FYI autos going by rail more than likely will have rail dust to some degree and yes a real thing. The amount will depend on where your car is positioned on the train. I dont know if dealers are suppose to take care of this as part of dealer prep. Mine didn't on my 2011. Lucky my 2011...
  4. dusman59

    Parasitic loss question

    With many of these cars just sitting for months do they need to be jump started when moved? How long can they sit without a dead battery. Are the batteries lifespan shortened? Even when the cars are moved only a short distance the battery doesn't really get topped off. I have left my 2011...
  5. dusman59

    Gas Guzzle Tax

    Its nice to see the GT has none. Helps me spend toward other options.👍🏻