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  1. DannyJ7

    Ring of fire horn

    ...is it intentional that the horn on the S650 sounds like the horns from ring of fire?
  2. DannyJ7


    Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on just the screens/infotainment system since they play such a major part of the S650. First thought: HOW TO KEEP IT CLEAN!
  3. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    This is just a place holder for my build etc.
  4. DannyJ7

    EcoBoost S650 Mod Plans -- what's yours?

    Curious what other EB owners are planning on doing to their S650s. My plans so far: Tint - Michigan max % Exhaust - looking for something a bit louder! Maybe MBRP? 19" rims - after market, probably bronze Vent to atmosphere blow off valve diverter? My tastes certainly won't match everyone...