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  1. DRP Motorsports

    10R80 Forward Gear Engagement Delay

    Hey guys. Just picked up my 24GT yesterday. I've had my hands on many 10r80 S550 cars but this is my first S650. I have noticed when I put the gear selector in drive, there is a noticeable delay in the gear engagement. Going into reverse seems to be normal. Has anyone else noticed a...
  2. DRP Motorsports

    Anyone Here Work At Or Know Someone That Works At New Boston Railyard?

    Just as the title says, does anyone here have contact with someone that works at the New Boston railyard?
  3. DRP Motorsports

    Anyone's Car Stuck At New Boston?

    Anyone's car beside mine been stuck at New Boston? Mine has been there 3 weeks and does not appear moving anytime soon. Kinda disgusting since the car left the factory 6-26 and has been shuffled around various places since. Online ETA jumps back and forth too. It went from an Oct ETA to this...
  4. DRP Motorsports

    Anybody's Tracking Show "Built" or "Shipped" Yet?

    I thought it would interesting to see if anyone, who has been tracking their car on Ford's website, finally has any status past "In Production" since cars have started moving toward dealers.