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  1. Carter1776

    Long Tube Headers

    Has anyone every used/installed a set of these Long Tube headers from 2M Fabrications? They seem well made and a lot cheaper than most other offered currently. Let me know!
  2. Carter1776

    Camber Plates/Camber Bolts

    So, I have a set of lowering springs on order, the initial drop is 1.5" on the front and 1.0" on the rear, reviews say after they settle, they will be around a 1.6" front and a 1.2" rear overall drop from stock ride height. Now my question is, should I also order a set of Camber Plates and...
  3. Carter1776

    Cool Picture with my S650 and 2 classics

    Couldn't pass the opportunity to park next to these 2 tonight. Still think my S650 looks best!
  4. Carter1776

    GT Oil Filter part # number?

    I went to buy an oil filter for my 2024 GT first oil change, and the parts store doesn't have the 2024 part number in their system. Does anyone know what part number the oil filter is??
  5. Carter1776

    GT Noise on startup and acceleration

    Ok so this would be easier to explain if I had a video of it but I don’t. Anyways, when I start my GT, I get this raspy metal echo noise, like a Pringle can for headers essentially, it isn’t louder than the exhaust cold starting but it’s there enough to hear, until it idles down and then it goes...
  6. Carter1776

    How Accurate are the Track App Times

    With my GT hitting 1,008 miles on my way to work, I figured I would see what it said my 1/4 mile time was. It says that I ran the 1/4 mile at a 9.75 second, .91 second delay to start at 116mph. So essentially a 10.66 second 1/4 mile per the track app. Now this is by far the fastest I have seen...
  7. Carter1776

    1,000 Mile Break-In Complete

    Tonight I crossed the 1,000 mile mark on my GT. Now I didn't notice anything change for my RPM gauge like it was "unlocked" or anything. Kinda wondering how I can tell if anything really changed performance wise? Anyone know what I should be able to notice?
  8. Carter1776

    My 2024 S650 GT owner review so far (comparison vs S550 GT)

    I have had my '24 GT w/ PP, AE, 301A in Atlas Blue for 5 days now, and I have got to say I absolutely love it! I have racked up 657 miles on the odometer so far. It is incredibly responsive, the looks are amazing, it sounds amazing, drives amazing, it is amazing. I am coming from a 2015 Mustang...
  9. Carter1776

    Window Tint Opinions

    So, I got my S650 GT Friday finally! With that being said I have already scheduled to take it and have all of the windows tinted. I am thinking of doing 5% for the rear windshield, rear small windows and both Drivers Side and Passenger side Windows. Then doing a 5% brow with the rest of the...
  10. Carter1776

    Pictures of my delivered 2024 Mustang GT in Atlas Blue!

    Took delivery yesterday of my GT in Atlas Blue! I've already put nearly 100 miles on it haha, here are some pictures I've taken and a good friend with his professional camera! Absolutely loving the car, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!
  11. Carter1776

    My GT Coupe in Atlas Blue has been delivered!

    I should be taking delivery in the morning of my GT in Atlas Blue, PP, AE, 301A, red brembos and space Grey interior! Just got the "Final Prep" update! So excited!!
  12. Carter1776

    Built Notification finally?

    This morning I finally got the long awaited “built” update as 8/20, been “in production” since 7/27. The tracker says last update was 8/21. I just noticed that though I have the Green Dot on built and the date is still under built, it jumped back to “In Production”. Has anyone else had this...
  13. Carter1776

    GT 301A Infotainment Questions

    Ok so I ordered my 24’ GT with the PP, AE, and the 301A package. From what I’ve gathered from reading other threads, the base GT with the 301A does not get built in navigation correct and cooled/vented seats? Do all of the 24’ models have AppleCarPlay and Android Auto standard with sync 4...