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  1. dusman59

    Air bubble on the paintwork - Please help! :(

    I also believe the yellow splash is a tricoat. Should have base plus top coat and then clear. If you take the car you should be ok as it appears to have a primer.
  2. dusman59

    Air bubble on the paintwork - Please help! :(

    I wouldn't be happy with that chip. I also wouldn't want to take a chance on the dealer making things worse by painting the fender. Yellow is very hard to match. Unless the dealer has someone with 25 year experience in paint work chances things will not turn out that great. I would go with...
  3. dusman59

    Cancel X-Plan Purchase. Can I submit another one?

    Yes the expiration date is sent with the pin number. You can get a second pin within the year equals two per year.
  4. dusman59

    Cancel X-Plan Purchase. Can I submit another one?

    addition, a $275 administration fee is included in the Plan price to cover the costs of managing the New Vehicle Purchase Program (this amount should NOT be added to the X-Plan price. Doc fee is $100.
  5. dusman59

    Cancel X-Plan Purchase. Can I submit another one?

    Something isn't adding up with your dealer. Run fast away.
  6. dusman59

    Cancel X-Plan Purchase. Can I submit another one?

    I believe you can get up to two pin numbers per year.
  7. dusman59

    Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    No only if you have the optional performance package.
  8. dusman59

    Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    They air them up so when they sit for 3 monhs they they are almost the proper pressure. The people that have 40 plus ponds of pressure got fresh Mustangs.🤣🤣🤣
  9. dusman59

    Car feels floaty at high speeds?

    40 lbs would be riding on the center of the tire and not on full contact patch. At higher speed it would be even worse.
  10. dusman59

    GT Spirit S650 Mustang Resin Model Photos

    Hope the 5.0 logo on the drivers side gets corrected to the proper location.
  11. dusman59

    She's finally home

    Nice color combo. How bright is the space grey. One shot it looks grey and in another it looks white. I ordered the same interior.
  12. dusman59

    ? on PP fall/winter production

    I believe I read on the forumn that Ford doesn't build PP in the cold weather. I don't know if that is true or not. Someone said it was because of the summer only tires. Things might have changed since 2011 as my car was made with summer only tires early Feburary. It seems the warmer States...
  13. dusman59

    Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Wow guess I am lucky that my dealer was up front with the add ons. I agreed as I looked over the quality of the insalls and the price was good. Saves me from taking it somewhere as I wanted the things offered anyway.
  14. dusman59

    Ambient lighting info?

    Not defending Ford here for cutting corners but maybe the lights in the cup holders might reflect up into the windshield.🤔
  15. dusman59

    Ambient lighting info?

    My 2011 GT premium with 401a has no glove box light. Back 1972 my Grand Torino sport had no box light but my fault for not ordering it as it was an option. I don't care if my24 has none.
  16. dusman59

    First crashed S650

    Hmmmm....traction control ?
  17. dusman59

    Base Mustang GT ride quality without MagneRide suspension ?

    I test drove a base GT last week and thought the ride was good. I went on normal town streets as well as expressways. I was surprised overall with the car as a whole. The dash refections that I was concerned with didn't show to be a problem.
  18. dusman59

    GT Premium with Performance Pack

    It sucks about the tower brace emblem. I'm going to get one made at a trophy shop for not much money. Insist on the right front spoiler you paid for.