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  1. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    Think it looks pretty ok. Still needs to dry a bit.
  2. DannyJ7

    2024 Mustang Wheels Offsets & Fitment (same as S550)?

    So I'm new to the wheel and tire game. Currently have the 18x8.5 with 235/50 R18s square. I want to move to 19x8.5 or 19x9, keeping the outer diameter the same. What size tire would that be...
  3. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    Honestly I just didn't like it. Too big and gaudy.
  4. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    For now, got a simply US flag decal to cover the holes on the above. Just passed 1000 miles. Averaging 33 MPG, which is surprisingly good! Getting my first oil change this week. Even with the "just" 315HP, 350FTLBS it still brings a silly ass grin to my face when I put my foot down. Surprised at...
  5. DannyJ7

    dfwford's New Ride!!!

    Solid choice in color, though I might be a bit partial :). Looks great in that trim too!
  6. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    The mustang emblem is indeed pinned. 😥 Now have to figure out how to cover this. Initially the idea was black vinyl, but it's a deceptively odd shape. Not sure what to do. Any ideas? (no, I'm not just going to buy another mustang to put there).
  7. DannyJ7

    Ford Pass $200 credit points?

    Exactly what I did!!
  8. DannyJ7

    Check out these older mustangs at our local dealer. I was looking at these the other day

    I know used car prices are up, but I cannot stop laughing at the prices listed there 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. DannyJ7

    Just picked up! Carbonized GT convertible

    NICE! Maybe just the angle, but how sick would it look with a carbon hood and trunk lid?
  10. DannyJ7

    Ok, I'll Eat Some Crow....

    Totally agree on start up sound. Its tacky and would be nice if we could turn it off.
  11. DannyJ7

    First crashed S650

    Jailable offense when so many are still waiting on theirs.
  12. DannyJ7

    What air freshener are you guys using ?

    Just to ruin everyone's day, that new car smell is actually the plasticizer from the interior plastics migrating to the surface...not actually very healthy for you. Read here
  13. DannyJ7

    DannyJ7's Ecoboost

    These husky floor mats fit perfectly, great price, life time guarantee, and I can testify to the brands quality since I had them for 7 years in my Honda. 10/10 recommended.
  14. DannyJ7

    WeatherTech floor mats (or similar)

    They fit perfectly. Great price too. Life time guarantee. Solid floor mats are a necessity in Michigan.
  15. DannyJ7

    2024 EcoBoost Mustang premium with performance pack, finally arrived after order date on March 17th

    MAN! Seeing that red stitching on the seats makes me rethink going black on black interior. Looks SA----WEET. NICE CALL!
  16. DannyJ7

    WeatherTech floor mats (or similar)

    I'd love to know if these would fit before ordering.
  17. DannyJ7

    WeatherTech floor mats (or similar)

    Do let us know how they fit and how well you like them!
  18. DannyJ7

    What’s your 1 best and 1 worst feature of the S650 Mustang?

    This has worked really well for me...
  19. DannyJ7

    What’s your 1 best and 1 worst feature of the S650 Mustang?

    Brother, I'm not arguing with you...
  20. DannyJ7

    What’s your 1 best and 1 worst feature of the S650 Mustang?

    Close enough in feel for me. I did note that it's faux-leather.