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  1. Insane 0-60

    I'll use my posterior dyno, it's probably more accurate than the 0-60 software, or so it would seem. Maybe the OP could do a run in the opposite direction; might bring that 2.7 down a bit...
  2. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    Update as of 9/14 my car is "built", as to what quality on the last day before a strike, even with the plant itself still technically working, is anyone's guess. It will be interesting to see how shipping is affected.
  3. First crashed S650

    Cars n Coffee strikes again?
  4. Ecoboost mpg

  5. Strike

    Workers will get what they can, that's what negotiations are for; we'll see how it plays out, but as long as you're actually working, it's not a hand out. https://fortune.com/2022/04/06/income-inequality-worker-pay-shareholders-buybacks/ As for political bias for Fortune...
  6. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    It's interesting that Ford may have divorced itself from Shelby, which is a shame. I suppose the prevailing belief is that given it's "muscle v8 last standing situation" and is no longer beholden to the altar of performance, that Ford is flying free. There is the Mach 1 (which is problematic...
  7. Thoughts on this build?

    I think the following product is out of stock for now, but I'd go this route for a rear spoiler in gloss black. https://accessories.ford.com/FordUSAccessories/mustang-2024-air-design®-gloss-black-rear-deck-spoiler-vpr3z6344210a
  8. GT Premium First Impression

    Well, I never had the pleasure of owning an S550 and all the baggage that entails; my choice for the 2024 is purely esthetic, since I drive pretty sedately, but maybe that's because I own a 4 cyl. sedan at the moment. The OP has a sweet ride and I hope they enjoy it. I don't think it's that...
  9. Thoughts on this build?

    The build should suite you well; good choices all around. That last picture reinforces my choice of NPP; the side profile of the cabin seems to flow from front window to rear with the black roof, and the black mirrors don't stand out against the side windows. That pronged spoiler is seems to...
  10. GT Premium First Impression

    It seems the name "space grey" is a bit of misnomer, since it appears by all pictures and descriptions to be "space white-ish". I wonder how it will resist dirt/staining over time.
  11. How’s your gas mileage?

    I didn't get the this car to beat a Prius, that said, I am a hypermiler, and I'll post my MPG once I get my car. Once every 2 months or so I get to travel across Florida around 190 miles to St. Pete on interstate roads that average 60mph with a relatively level route. I am aiming for 26mpg. I...
  12. En Route Boys !

    Will at least Ford "understands our frustration" so there's that.
  13. Will there be an S650 refresh in 2026/2027?

    EVs have a looooong way to go, but in all things, they will get there, technology being what it is. I'm not going to go into environmental repercussions since that is not what we're discussing here. Given that, you can wait to see what will happen regarding a "refresh"; all in all, we make our...
  14. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    Geez Louise mate; I suppose we can wait until Rapture to get a F'ing Mustang.
  15. Just arrived!! My 2024 Race Red GT Premium w Carmine Red interior & Active Exhaust

    Spoiler delete; now that I've seen one not projected on the build site, it reinforces my choice to make the best of the 7G's clean lines. I know that you wanted one, but I'm okay without one. If I was to get a spoiler, I'd get this...
  16. BUILT & SHIPPED !! Tracker update September: What's your status?

    I am happy that y'all got your cars en route, would that I was in that position. My car is happily sitting "in production" since it's so-called blend date of 8/16; I suppose they're correcting the errors made on the line. Send pictures when you get them lads; some of us will have to live...
  17. AUTO STOP/START- Does your delivered GT have it?

    I suppose the early bird does not get the proverbial worm in this case? You know the irony here, my Kia does not have a stop/start, but "late availability" Mustang GTs will; define upside down for me.
  18. Savagegeese review: S650 GT (+ Dyno) vs Nissan Z

    That new Z is a beautiful car, but I needed two back seats, so Mustang it is. I'm glad Nissan is still making the Z.
  19. GT Premium First Impression

    Sorry to hear the 7G is not a step up. I always thought that until the S650 came out, that the S550 was the best looking modern Mustang Ford produced; it was the first Mustang that got me interested, but not enough to get me to buy since I had a Corvette at the time. I hope your not-buyers...
  20. Tested Performance Numbers: 2024 Mustang Dark Horse (by Car and Driver)

    Well the DH is a prepackaged track car, for those who want the top optioned Mustang in the initial release phase, without having to go through extensive mods aftermarket. We know there will be better variants to come, but those will cost more and have a wait time, those latter realities may be...