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  1. Mustang8

    Will FMC reply to this

    Yep the one I ordered from is Kelly
  2. Mustang8

    Will FMC reply to this

    I know exactly which dealership you are talking about. I had issues with their service department multiple times. Last time I went they didn't put my key cover back on properly and it fell off somewhere on my way home. So I had to spend nearly $100 for a painted replacement because I was tired...
  3. Mustang8

    2024 Mustang GT NP PP AE MR Final Preparation

    No that built date is when it shipped
  4. Mustang8

    Does anyone have an H-pipe yet?

    Looking forward to that full video!
  5. Mustang8

    Jacking / lift points

    I'm going to get @SteedaTech's jacking rails once they are available for the 24 (and when I get my car lol). They should make life a lot easier
  6. Mustang8

    Official Build & Price for 2024 Mustang just appeared on Ford.com!

    It will be black if you get Nite Pony Package otherwise it will be body color.
  7. Mustang8

    Paint issues see video

    That looks like melted cheese
  8. Mustang8

    1 Week and I am In Love!

    Please post some vids of the exhaust after you get the h-pipe installed!
  9. Mustang8

    Official SHADOW BLACK Mustang S650 Thread

    Only GT's that have the performance package
  10. Mustang8

    ? on PP fall/winter production

    Right but PP2 is not an option this year so wouldn't be an issue
  11. Mustang8

    ? on PP fall/winter production

    They still produce GT PP in winter
  12. Mustang8

    Official RAPID RED Mustang S650 Thread

    The bronze package looks nice on rapid red
  13. Mustang8


    And so it begins
  14. Mustang8

    Ford Performance Racing School Announces Dark Horse Track Attack School + Destination Driving Event for EcoBoost and GT Owners

    That's cool that GT and Ecoboost owners are getting included as well, even if the program is different/have to pay
  15. Mustang8

    I had just put in 2024 owners manual, even though I know we have it on here

    That manual will be very useful when your car is dead
  16. Mustang8

    Picking up 2024 GT fully loaded Water damaged

    Wow CEL and not even 30 miles on the car...
  17. Mustang8

    Panel Gaps Continue to be a problem

    I think it is just the reflection of the ground that makes it look like htat
  18. Mustang8

    Mustang Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 10/30-11/27

    Mine went from week of 10/2 to week of 10/16....
  19. Mustang8

    Bad taste

    It is probably the gas guzzler tax there is no price protection for that