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Search results

  1. 2024 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS?!?!

    pretty shocked coming from a camaro to a new gt. impressive ! 🤯😲
  2. B&O Sound System

    I have the b&o package and still waiting delivery of my vehicle, anybody wanna share their opinion on theirs? This would be my first rodeo with b&o being that i am coming from chevy and used to the bose system. Anyone willing to share video of a demonstration? Loudness, Bass, Quality
  3. Now we wait...

    hopefully it comes sooner !
  4. En Route Boys !

    finally the day has come where i read what ive always wanted to read ! 🤣
  5. Order tracking/vehicle assembly process

    Well its almost that time. I decided to chat with ford and got a little information regarding what stages our cars go through !