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  1. Dark Horse A10 vs GT350 Drag Race (Hennessey)

    I read once that the 5.2L Predator engine on the GT500 does not feature a flat-plane crank like the 5.2 Voodoo because of the supercharger. Something about the pulsing of the SC is not compatible with the flat-plane dynamics. Would like to know how accurate that assessment is, or if - as you...
  2. Dark Horse A10 vs GT350 Drag Race (Hennessey)

    Pretty good summary. I guess the part I'm not seeing anywhere is how the used car pages are full of GT350s. For being such a great car, the actual owners are ditching them like flip phones. No question it is a Shelby, and just for that IMO it qualifies for enshrinement into the circle of fame...
  3. 2024+ Mustang S650 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    It's from a song about a horse that got struck by lightning while getting freaky with a mare by the river.
  4. 2024+ Mustang S650 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    My dealer called yesterday afternoon to let me know the Rucio Moro arrived. I think he was more excited about it than I. Blue Ember DH 10A. Unfortunately he is out today on an errand and will not be in the dealership until tomorrow. If I were to pick it up today he would miss out on...
  5. Easter Eggs on S650

    That will activate the oil slick dispenser out the back, ala 007. Whatever you do, don't pull the yellow handle between your legs.
  6. Mustang S650 Audio/Volume problem

    Could happen on every car, or home stereo for that matter. Bad pot. Easily replaceable even for a DIYer, but if it was my car I would take it in for a replacement head unit. My daughter's Nissan had the same problem, luckily it was just a dirty pot, a little electronics spray cleaner was all...
  7. What’s different?

    Memory seats, for one
  8. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    What exactly is Granger? I keep hearing about it. Is it a dealership somwhere in the US? Online ordering system? Industrial and Construction Supply?
  9. Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    You're worrying the pee out of me. I did exactly the same thing and also agreed (signed "contract") on MSRP and no markups except some stupid $1,000 dealership admin processing fee. The fine print at the bottom does say that the "contract" I signed was not a real contract, just some...
  10. Oil drain plug replacement brand recommendations?

    Thanks for the 411, very helpful. I'm somewhat dismayed by the effort required to replace the filter, almost like you need to put the car on a lift. I was hoping the oil filter would be similar to my wife's Hyundai. It has one of those plastic canisters that you unscrew and swap out the media...
  11. 1st road trip in the 777 Dark Horse... any questions?

    Are you getting any extra attention from the public? How about extra scrutiny by the po-po?
  12. WeatherTech floor mats (or similar)

    I bought a set of all-weather floor mats for my Acura made by 3D MAXpider that perform just as well as the Weather Techs. The fit is perfect, without all that industrial rubber look. They've lasted me for 13 years, so the quality is there. I see they made a version for the Mustang Mach-E...
  13. Oil drain plug replacement brand recommendations?

    A friend of mine says the oil filter mount on his Ford has some weird folding tray that makes it easier and neater to swap out the canister. Do you know if this is also the case with the Coyote or, if not, is there an aftermarket gig to keep the mess to a minimum?
  14. Anyone have a better solution for front license plate - no drilling?

    Less effort than that? Perhaps superglue then. Alien tape may also be the ticket for you... https://www.tryalientape.com/
  15. 4500 rpm limiter

    Was that picture taken before or after Ferris Bueller's friend kicked the Ferrari out the window?
  16. 60th Anniversary Edition?

    Foking around with the Force again, Luke?
  17. 60th Anniversary Edition?

    Whitewall tires and wire spoke hubcaps. Leaf springs 8-track cassette deck Cigarette lighter and center console ashtray Motorized radio antenna Curb feelers Deluxe naugahyde seating surfaces Faux burly maple dash trim Lee Iacocca signature badge
  18. 3.0L Whipple Supercharged 2024 Mustang GT FIRST Listen (Lethal Performance)!

    Not picking an argument, but perhaps a smaller pulley is ok with the Dark Horse since it features forged connecting rods, stronger camshaft, and a better-balanced crankshaft compared to the GT. You could say the DH is intended for forced induction, the GT not as much. As far as running NOS...
  19. 2024 Dark Horse Motortrend Review: We didn’t expect it to break a MotorTrend performance record

    Hey, I like you a lot (and your naughty daughter too), but please don't tell me you're comparing the screaming chicken to a DH. Yes, it was cool to be seen in one, especially after Smokey and the Bandit, and the 6.6L V8 equipped version was fast compared to most other AMERICAN sports cars. A...