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  1. Throttle House: 2024 Mustang GTPP vs Camaro SS 1LE - Drag Race & Lap Times

    Like many of you, I wasn't a fan of the mismatched comparison either. SS VS GT or 1LE vs DH, full stop...no point in going any further than that. Does the Camaro bring better VALUE to the table. 100%. Up here in Canada a 2SS 1LE and DH/HP are about $11K difference. It's not contest, really...
  2. Dark Horse top speed at Hennessey

    Yeah, not sure why they don't have that thing to the mats (or in the right "mode")...and if they did, that shift strategy is YUCK. Also, I am NOT a fan of the top speed being lowered for the S650 models. The S550 GT/PP has the same top speed while the M1 was faster. Makes zero sense. Whether...
  3. Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    OP - Absolutely sickening to hear about this, but unfortunately not uncommon. I've been fighting this kind of stuff since I got into the business and it really is a shame the lengths that toxic-capitalism extends. I'll cut myself off before I rant to the moon about it... Like others have...
  4. Motortrend: 2024 Mustang GT vs 2023 Challenger Scat Pack WB Head-to-Head Review

    Haven't seen this posted yet, so I figured I'd share! 2024 Ford Mustang GT Performance vs. 2023 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack: Bummer, Dude. (motortrend.com)
  5. DIY: how to remove hydrocarbon filters from 2024 Mustang GT / Dark Horse

    My version of "bone stock"...is clearly not the same as others, LOL.
  6. White Ragtop arrived w/ topdown pics

    You got it! Finally! What a gorgeous looking combo as well!
  7. DIY: how to remove hydrocarbon filters from 2024 Mustang GT / Dark Horse

    Was that run made by a horse jockey? Who happens to live in a mineshaft? Which happens to be built in a solid chunk of ice? Jokes aside, I'd love all the details on how they achieved this run. To say those numbers are insane, is an understatement...especially the trap speed. Anyone have any...
  8. DIY: how to remove hydrocarbon filters from 2024 Mustang GT / Dark Horse

    So we have two videos regarding this. One with outrageous gains and one without, LOL. Hopefully we can get some more data on this so we can get some consistency with the results.
  9. So whats up with the manuals?

    OP - Don't forget that these cars are tricky to get off the line. They have long gears, with an engine that loves to rev and does it's best at high RPM. That combination requires some serious skill to get the best out of the car...and/or unfortunately, more clutch slip or wheel spin to keep...
  10. DIY: how to remove hydrocarbon filters from 2024 Mustang GT / Dark Horse

    Not sure if there is a thread relating to this video or not... Testing Intake Restrictions of the 2024 S650 Mustang GT! - YouTube TLDW: You don't actually need to cut anything if you don't want to. The video gives some great information on how to do it. You could then put it back to stock...
  11. Did anyone ever figure out what is going on with the red line on these 5.0 cars?

    Well, because no one has given you the obligatory, yet... Get in your car...with a camera...AND LET HER RIP! :rockon:
  12. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    ^ Ford frequents these forums right? Maybe someone with some "pull" can get some straight answers? Then again, more and more members will be getting their cars, so hopefully we have someone wind one out on video for us. Otherwise, I'm taking a trip to the dealership and doing a complimentary...
  13. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    OP - As others have stated, only you can answer that question. However, I think if you make a list of wants/needs and likes/dislikes, it'll help you put your mind at ease. To avoid a long-winded explanation...if you are PURELY after the driving characteristics of the car and don't put much...
  14. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    Breaking the car in will definitely alter the numbers on a dyno or the timeslip for a run down the strip...but the fix for the lack of RPM/top speed remains to be seen. The soon-to-be-dying competitors don't have them, that's for sure.
  15. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    Which is why the 10A is such a deadly partner to this engine. Keeps it at max HP damn-near the entire time.
  16. 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    I know I'm beating a dead horse by watching these dyno videos and commenting...but these new cars having a lower redline than advertised and a lower top speed than the S550 is kind of a joke. I really hope there is some "magic number" the computer needs to see at a certain mileage that removes...
  17. Ford Performance not offering the 4.09 gears for the 2024. Why?

    Any rear gear ratio starting with a 4 should be a factory option, as far as I'm concerned.
  18. Tested Performance Numbers: 2024 Mustang Dark Horse (by Car and Driver)

    I really hope C&D have both cars (GT and DH) at the next Lightning Lap to really see what the extra cash gets the buyer. Looking at things with money in mind, a base DH without the Handling Pack is a hard sell at nearly $8k (Cdn) over a loaded-to-the-gills GT, IMHO. Which is a damn shame...
  19. LMR's 2024 Mustang GT 10R80 Dyno Results

    Well, I hope it isn't 168 either. The S550 (as tested on the Autobahn) hit 260kph with the PP or Bullitt and 278kph with the M1. If the S650 is slower in either (or both) metrics...that is some real big-brother BS or cost-cutting...both of which can take a hike!
  20. LMR's 2024 Mustang GT 10R80 Dyno Results

    So factory fuel cut is 7400? Also, the speed limiter at 140 and change is pretty damn low for a car like this. It'd be a shame if the PP equipped cars are the same. That would be lower than the previous gen, IIRC. EDIT: Thanks for the video and graph! Can't wait to see what changes happen...