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  1. Throttle House: 2024 Mustang GTPP vs Camaro SS 1LE - Drag Race & Lap Times

    Sure, but the question is for how much longer. Also Not everyone wants a sedan or will pay the dough for the ct5 black wing.
  2. Throttle House: 2024 Mustang GTPP vs Camaro SS 1LE - Drag Race & Lap Times

    it gonna be 2005 again. Where GM only had the GTO and corvette.The mustang GT at the time was barely matching the departed trans and and camaro.With Ford having a monopoly on a rwd , manual American coupe, Ford real doesn’t have a reason to try. With the exception of the GTD, but who have 300k😑
  3. Motortrend: 2024 Mustang GT vs 2023 Challenger Scat Pack WB Head-to-Head Review

    Wow his points were clearly biased in favor of the challenger. How does the front look like a Ram truck. Also enough with the “it’s a Ford camaro”. That slant in the rear quarter panel is identical, but in person the mustang looks nothing like the camaro and is it”s own thing.
  4. Ford Performance Racing School Announces Dark Horse Track Attack School + Destination Driving Event for EcoBoost and GT Owners

  5. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    I meant minimum
  6. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    Exactly it’s 2005 again where the firebird and Camaro died, and dodge didn’t come out with the charger and challenger yet. Besides the Supra and m2, which are both bmws. Ford doesn’t have much competition in the market. Which means performance enhancements will be meaningful. Hopefully they have...
  7. Tested Performance Numbers: 2024 Mustang Dark Horse (by Car and Driver)

    So essentially besides the tremec six speed, the “daily driving experience is essentially the same. Unless you fully intend to track your dark horse about at least 6-15 times a year, just get a Gt. I prefer the looks of the dark horse too, and I know it has better hardware for track use. I just...
  8. Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP 5.2L V8, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    I don’t mean to say it’s literally a body kit. The engineering they put towards this is obvious. It just that for them to say this is a super car( not in performance, yet to be determined). But in looks. I would assume a non car person would see this and think it’s just a highly customized...
  9. Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP 5.2L V8, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    AGREE with everything you said. Besides that it looks more like someone just added a body kit to a mustang. Unless your a super die-hard loyalist (also rich), I can’t see someone taking this over a Porsche gt3 rs which is around 240k or a Z06 with the track package which is less before the...
  10. 4th Gen Coyote (5.0L Ti-VCT) S650 V8 Engine Technical Info / Specs

    https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a44675712/2024-ford-mustang-dark-horse-drive/ So it seems to be a typo of sorts as car and driver post this as the peek range for the dark horses horsepower. Instead of the 5000 rpm on the technical info sheet
  11. Challenger or S650

    THIS and they are a dime a dozen where I’m from. You would see one literally every minute or so, I’m not joking. I know it’s a full production car and all. But when you see that same car over and over again it becomes a turnoff. Shame I’m mainly a mustang enthusiast (also Pontiac) but I still...
  12. Dark Horse run at Goodwood FOS

    D lets not forget the gt500 too. The darkhorse was incredibly tame (the driver not the car) compared to the Shelby’s
  13. 2024 Mustang BuildYourPony Interactive Buyer's Guide Website

    I find it funny that Ford themselves call it an evolution in design. On the second page.
  14. S650 everywhere at the Flat Rock plant! [updated w/ video!]

    Seems to be an high number of GTs made compared to the Ecoboost. I don’t see any Darkhorses though.
  15. Mustang GT3 Formally Unveiled at Le Mans! 🏁

    Read this paragraph Dark Horse and the Future of Global Ford Motorsports https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2022/09/14/ford-introduces-mustang-dark-horse.html
  16. New Ford Mustang picture video spotted thread!

    They look very identical to the earlier v6 challenger wheels.
  17. Grabber Blue Dark Horse Mustang S650 Best Real-Life Look Yet!

    Hopefully Ford is looking into build quality
  18. Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    So do Goodyear supply Ford with all season tires now?