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Search results

  1. 2024 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS?!?!

    lol not me just a repost
  2. 2024 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS?!?!

    pretty shocked coming from a camaro to a new gt. impressive ! 🤯😲
  3. She’s Finally Here

    happy for you man it looks good, mine is going on 2 weeks sitting on the train yard
  4. 1st road trip in the 777 Dark Horse... any questions?

    can you post a quick video of the b&o?
  5. En Route Boys !

    no not yet sadly :facepalm:
  6. 2024 Mustang GT 5.0 POV drive! *Pure Sounds Only*

    appreciate it ! I have the same system I needed some opinions and wanted to get a preview of how it sounds !
  7. 2024 Mustang GT 5.0 POV drive! *Pure Sounds Only*

    you mind making a clip of the sound system???
  8. B&O Sound System

    so on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate it? Me personally I like to play my music loud about 85% of the time but other than that I care about quality and to have some thump of course lol
  9. B&O Sound System

    your lucky to even see that lol, i have yet to even see that clip
  10. B&O Sound System

    I have the b&o package and still waiting delivery of my vehicle, anybody wanna share their opinion on theirs? This would be my first rodeo with b&o being that i am coming from chevy and used to the bose system. Anyone willing to share video of a demonstration? Loudness, Bass, Quality
  11. En Route Boys !

    baton rouge :bow:
  12. En Route Boys !

    my car is literally 2 hrs away in jackson ms ! eta is 09/09-09/15 but the way things are going it may be sooner !
  13. Now we wait...

    hopefully it comes sooner !
  14. En Route Boys !

    i need to figure that out ASAP
  15. En Route Boys !

    is there a way i can track it real-time while its on the carrier?
  16. En Route Boys !

    im seeing a 9/6-9/16 eta at the moment, hoping itll be before though. either way im super ready to meet my creation lol.