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  1. _J¢_

    First totaled S650 Mustang appears on Copart

    I'm sure that'll buff right out! Jokes aside, glad the owner is fine👍🏼.
  2. _J¢_

    Dark Horse MSRP + Markups ... no way to buy !!

    If you had an agreement beforehand, and they changed it at last minute, then you should let Ford know and report it to the FTC. Also remember to write a "nice" google review for the dealer with your experience.
  3. _J¢_

    Dealer forced Accessory Add-On's

    Keep this in mind as well as other advice other members have given when looking around for another dealer. Edit: Also, since you are in the Socal Area, I would recommend Theodore Robins Ford.
  4. _J¢_

    Mustang Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 10/30-11/27

    On the bright side, we will have the chance to see more data, issues, performance upgrades, etc.. on the people who currently have theirs.
  5. _J¢_

    Mustang Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 10/30-11/27

    Sucks for everyone that ordered on the day order banks opened up.😞 If by late April, I'm not scheduled; then I'll just go for a Gt500 instead.
  6. _J¢_

    Dark Horse vs GT350 Mustang roll races

    Interesting, but the results were as expected. It would be a better comparison between the Mach 1 & Dark Horse. Hopefully someone does the comparison to see any difference if any.
  7. _J¢_

    Ideas for the car show

    Turbo stickers, better yet all the stickers. Got to get that 'extra' HP you know.
  8. _J¢_

    2024 Dark Horse Mustang Dyno Results (6-Speed Manual) - by Middleton Motorsports

    HP=WHP∗1/(1−DL) While it's not exact, it's just an estimate as you are right, the drivetrain loss varies due to many other factors. I just went with the basic 15% and did the math, although I wouldn't be upset if the car makes more than the rated 500hp.
  9. _J¢_

    Blue Ember Dark Horse arrived!

    Sweet👌🏼, Congrats and enjoy it for us that are still waiting for ours.
  10. _J¢_

    My 2024 Dark Horse arrived at dealer ahead of schedule (first photos)

    Looks sweet👌🏼 If you get a chance can you take a picture of the key fobs? Just wondering if they are similar to the GT ones or slightly different.
  11. _J¢_

    Window Tint Opinions

    5% is too dark at night, 15-20% should still be visible for night driving.
  12. _J¢_

    California orders

    In Norcal, I asked my dealer about when they were getting their 2024 mustangs. They told me a few are shipping this week and should be arriving between 9/1-9/7. I'll probably go by next week and see if it's true.
  13. _J¢_

    Official BLUE EMBER Mustang S650 Thread

    Found this today, looks to be Blue Ember.
  14. _J¢_

    What chat service are you guys using to talk to Ford?

    Yes, you will need your order number, vin or sales number to get information on your mustang.
  15. _J¢_

    What chat service are you guys using to talk to Ford?

    https://performanceparts.ford.com/contact-us/ Click on Chat button 💬
  16. _J¢_

    Hear the Corsa Performance Xtreme Exhaust on 2024 Mustang - Lethal Performance

    Sweet👍, that's great to hear. Will definitely be getting that system for my Darkhorse when it's available.
  17. _J¢_

    Hear the Corsa Performance Xtreme Exhaust on 2024 Mustang - Lethal Performance

    Will there be another system for the Darkhorse or will this one fit as well?
  18. _J¢_

    What else would you purchase?

    I'm considering a 2022 Shelby Gt500, or a Mk4/Mk5 Toyota supra if the wait takes more than a year.