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  1. 2024 Dark Horse Vapor Blue Metallic (600A, manual, Recaro seats) - Cincinnati, OH

    Absolutely! This is my last Mustang. I hope you’ll love yours as much as I love this stupid car. Be safe and have fun!
  2. Paint issues - dealership response

    I totally agree. That’s the way it is here sadly.They told me even when they submit a claim sometimes it takes a few days sometimes months to get approved. probably hoping you’ll just give up and go away.
  3. Paint issues - dealership response

    Hypothetically, and I’m not saying it’s correct, nor am I saying this is the way It is because I don’t know, but If you were a dealer and if they made you jump through hoops to make a claim, for a customer with another special mustang whose car needs to be as close to perfect as possible and...
  4. Paint issues...

    My Mach 1 has a tiny spot like that. Wife’s Challenger is pretty darn perfect. Even the gaps are excellent.
  5. Paint issues...

    You have a job. You do it well or you get fired. If you do it well you get paid better or promoted. In the real world you don’t get raises for consistently doing a bad job. CEO or otherwise.
  6. Quality is job 1

    That’s simply preposterous.
  7. Quality is job 1

    Okay, so, when before the customer receives the car would be a good time to realize that the car had the wrong seat? I’ll answer that….. That would be final inspection pre shipment. We know how well that works already.
  8. Quality is job 1

    When people, pets, safety or quality is at stake, slow is fast. IYKWIM.
  9. S650 Depreciation??? (Not Including Dark Horse)

    And they all seem to sell -interestingly.
  10. Panel Gaps Continue to be a problem

    Way too many historically. Just a general lack of attention to detail in assembly along with flawless backup by the experts at poor quality control to make certain it gets to your door like that-which makes the whole thing kind of inexcusable. I think Moe, Larry and Curley are on the assembly...
  11. Panel Gaps Continue to be a problem

    I guessed this one 💯%.
  12. Window Sticker Decoder / Translated

    Until you find the panel misalignments. :shock:
  13. Panel Gaps Continue to be a problem

    That’s so unacceptable in 2016. Oh, sorry, 2024…..
  14. Got my 2024 GT today, here's my novice takeaway, questions, and issues.

    Put your plate in the front window for now.
  15. With a sad heart I am letting my 2024 Order go.....

    He meant he hopes @wilkinda65’s GF gets better and kick’s cancers butt. :like:
  16. With a sad heart I am letting my 2024 Order go.....

    You sir are to be admired. Your girlfriends father should be proud to know of your sacrifice.
  17. Is the Dark Horse worth it?

    The absolute steal of a lifetime and my favorite car EVER. (Well, that I’ve owned that is).
  18. Blue Ember Dark Horse arrived!

    Congrats! My what a large screen you have there.