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  1. NightSurgeX2

    Are orders with Appearance Package or Handling Package being delayed/held?

    Ok, it's time to put a thread together. I've now seen at least 5-10 people on facebook groups claiming they were told their order is being delayed due to the Appearance Package and/or Handling Package. Some have said they can't make a new order with those options anymore, while others claimed...
  2. NightSurgeX2

    What does priority code actually mean?

    Does it just mean how much volume your dealership does, and gets priority? Or something else? Does a lower priority mean earlier build, usually?
  3. NightSurgeX2

    Official Build & Price for 2024 Mustang just appeared on Ford.com!

    https://www.ford.com/cars/mustang/2024/ UPDATE: IT'S LIVE!