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  1. goodlettjr

    Jim Owens talks Dark Horse and 2024 Mustang Tech

    So I’ve noticed. Maybe random that all I see are post like this from you. Your love for this situation, that we are all in, seems to be on every thread I’ve looked at in the past day or so. I’m gonna tell you like I tell my wife. Chill. (Never works, but I still keep trying). :rockon: PS...
  2. goodlettjr

    Mustangs at Ford Carlisle

    Anyone chat up Kash Singh at the Shelby display. He worked on the Mustang prior to launch at Ford and moved over to Shelby right before the launch. He's a knowledgeable and great guy.
  3. goodlettjr

    Explanation of progress

    Thanks for posting this. Now it make sense that the wheels on a gen 6 green GT500 being built at FRAP (via yourtube) had some scrap looking wheels with green and red paint on them.
  4. goodlettjr

    2024 Mustang Nite Package delayed?

    Thanks for the informative articles.
  5. goodlettjr

    G87 M2 Dyno Numbers

    So you KNOW it is rated at the crank and not the wheel and yet you still feel betrayed. Why don't you also complain about metric vs imperial measurements. Jeez. Some people find anything to be upset about. Be better.
  6. goodlettjr

    Completed production 2024 Mustangs spotted at Flat Rock plant with window stickers!

    Just saw that on FB. Guy drove there and only posted one pic and a crappy video. I was dying inside reading the thread. :crackup:
  7. goodlettjr

    2024 Mustang Nite Package delayed?

    Years ago when Japan had a major earthquake, it caused two paint colors to have shortages. It was a metallic black and another color of what I don't remember the basics of. Don't know of any specifics of issues today, but they don't just run down to the local auto paint store and pick up...
  8. goodlettjr

    Base Interior Pics?

    I was thinking the same thing today. All Dark Horse and not much else. Doesn't make sense to me when they have sold the majority of the allocation and the rest will sell fairly easily. The design of the car and refreshed tech will sell the base and GT models along with the loyal fan base. It...
  9. goodlettjr

    Nite Pony with Performance pack question

    Chrome is stock. White is 5hp black is 10hp w coyote any color is 25hp Dyno tested and approved
  10. goodlettjr

    Introduce Yourself to Mustang7G!

    There is a 12 step program for people like us but we refuse to go. :inlove: Emotions Anonymous.
  11. goodlettjr

    First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    @93-Oct Mayne Downtime just equals not making money for me. I would estimate 4 weeks of not having a car and the hassle of that or the rental factor. Not to mention the grief my conscience would put me through while waiting to fix the chips. My current car (Ford Fusion) has at least 100...
  12. goodlettjr

    First mod for your S650 will be... ?

    I’m a tad bit north of $9500 for full PPF, side tint, and the clear tint on the front windshield here in Houston. Put down a deposit the other day. This will be my first front windshield tint. Also for what it’s worth the same company has tinted my vehicles before. Not the cheapest, but...
  13. goodlettjr

    Paying for your DH

    That is incorrect. They offer 0% loans because they can off load debt and it is cheaper for them to do that. They can then take that cash from the finance arm and reinvest it into products that will give them a better return on investment. It also allows them to keep the pricing on the...
  14. goodlettjr

    Should There Be a Trim Level Between GT and DH?

    Agree that they are really the same cars, but the tweak in a material, color, added colored piping, soft touch etc., makes for an entirely different door panel. I'm just giving a different view point about the support of vehicles when more models and trim differences are made.
  15. goodlettjr

    Introduce Yourself to Mustang7G!

    @Davesnotbored 3ish months seems to be the norm today. But I expect that gap to close dramatically as the continue to ramp up production.
  16. goodlettjr


    Here is a good thread on that topic. Priority Code Thread
  17. goodlettjr

    Should There Be a Trim Level Between GT and DH?

    I read this and thought what most of you are stating GTT or GT2. But thinking back as I worked as a parts manager in a dealer with 10MM in inventory, the Mustang probably has the most trim packages / model options than any other Ford product. Here is a list from 2015 to 2020 that covers 20...
  18. goodlettjr

    Order tracking showing build week / production scheduled email

    After working for FoMoCo for almost a decade calling on dealers, the term high volume dealer is funny to me. It is so manipulated for marketing.....and don't forget....fastest growing dealer.