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Search results

  1. Looks like 2024 Mustang production starting next week (5/22)!

    Got this email today about upcoming production. I’m a 29 year Ford employee involved in material handling & logistics & have been involved in multiple new vehicle launches. I’m currently in Chicago.
  2. Price increase already on 2024 Mustangs!

    Build & price has GT premium at $47015. That didn’t take long
  3. Will Mustang GT have auto start/stop button?

    Does anyone know if the production version of the Mustang GT will have this button? It appears to be the 1st button next to the engine run button. The order guide lists auto start/stop as not available but every car I’ve seen (including Dark Horse) has the button
  4. Are these the wheels that come with PP + nite pony package?

    When I use Ford’s build & price it shows the checked wheels as the ones that come with PP + nite pony and not the wheel below it like we’ve all seen since introduction. Can anyone confirm this is the PP + nite pony wheel?
  5. Will Tremec transmission be a deal breaker?

    Just wondering if anyone will pass on the S650 if it still has the MT-82. I will only buy the new GT if it has the tremec. Am I the only one?