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  1. Bikeman315

    Pics of the various GT Premium interior leather color choices?

    401a gets the upgraded interior which in the past has included the door cards. I would presume the same for the S650. I do not know which cards these are.
  2. Bikeman315


    Interesting the difference between standard equipment headers on the Canadian and US cars. Guess you’re still getting Sync 3 in Canada 😂🤣😂🤣
  3. Bikeman315

    2024 fully loaded Mustang DH is going for more than a 5-year-old C7 Corvette.

    No surprise here. A lot of comparisons can be made because of today’s high prices on everything. A member posted his price sheet for a fully loaded GT vert and it is $66k. This is why I plan on keeping my 19’ GTCS for a long tine.
  4. Bikeman315

    Mirrors Auto Dimming?

    Sold! I’m selling my Mustang immediately and buying a Camaro. :crackup: :cwl:
  5. Bikeman315

    No fog lights on the S650

    The S550 never had dimming side mirrors or front parking sensors so no cost savings there. Should the car have them? Maybe. But they don’t so it doesn’t really matter. Killing the fog lights for the one in a hundred who actually use them was, most likely, a cost cutting measure. So two choices...
  6. Bikeman315

    Blue ember available with std Dark Horse?

    No bugs. If you want Blue Ember you need the premium model (700a) and the appearance package (54c). Actually no different than the Mach 1 with Fighter Jet Grey. Special color requires the upgrades. But it is going to make one beautiful car.
  7. Bikeman315

    If i ordered a Dark Horse today? What kinda delay would i expect? or get a Mach 1 thats available now?

    Blue Ember is a special color for the Dark Horse but you have to order the appearance package with the premium DH to get. (700a + 54c). Your dealer should have been able to tell you this. Also I sure hope you’re getting these things written down and signed by the general manager and/or owner...
  8. Bikeman315

    Mirrors Auto Dimming?

    No auto dimming side view mirrors on the 2024 S650. Reach out to these folks and ask if they are planning a S650 mirror. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/suma-mirrors-5-off.187456/page-5#post-3789215
  9. Bikeman315

    Premium fuel for Mustang DH to be more expensive.

    The wording is confusing. The title should have read “DH will require premium gas, going to cost more to fill up”. We still have no confirmation that this is even true. And honestly, it’s a 500hp car. Regardless of whether or not it’s required I wouldn’t put anything less than premium in.
  10. Bikeman315

    Premium fuel for Mustang DH to be more expensive.

    Just because it’s official doesn’t mean it’s correct. Have you looked at build & price? 🤭
  11. Bikeman315

    Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with LEDs and display

    I would stay away from the cheap ones. I've seen a few of them and was not impressed with their quality. Also the two you show are both for the 15'-17' (the later says 15'-22' but that is not correct as there were changes made for the 18+'s. As far as the 24's who knows when they will make one...
  12. Bikeman315

    Seats again DH

    Actually it doesn’t as this was/is one of the numerous errors in the configurator. The standard seats in the DH are the same as the GT, powered, heated & cooled. Recaro’s are optional in either the 600a or 700a versions.
  13. Bikeman315

    5.0 Break in Miles…

    Made some changes that any mechanical engineer would agree with. 🤭👍
  14. Bikeman315

    5.0 Break in Miles…

    Here you go. https://www.cjponyparts.com/resources/how-to-break-in-your-mustang
  15. Bikeman315

    Changing colour

    This is a question that needs to be answered by your dealer. No one here can tell you for sure. But good luck in getting it changed.
  16. Bikeman315

    New Ford (Private) Offer: $1250 Cash Incentive on 2024 Mustangs (Non-Dark Horse) Until July 5th

    Unfortunately the codes are only transferable to a direct family member. Of course for $500 you can be my brother. :cwl: :crackup:
  17. Bikeman315

    New Ford (Private) Offer: $1250 Cash Incentive on 2024 Mustangs (Non-Dark Horse) Until July 5th

    You just need to read it. :facepalm: :crackup::like: *New 2022/2023/2024 vehicles: Excludes Bronco®, F‑150® Lightning®, F‑150 Raptor®, Mustang® Mach 1®, Mustang Dark Horse™, Mustang Mach‑E® Select and California Route 1 trims, Mustang Shelby® GT500®, Transit® and Transit Connect®. May not...
  18. Bikeman315

    Ok, someone educate me here

    With all of your experience you’re listening to a salesman.
  19. Bikeman315

    Ok, someone educate me here

    Let the dealership GM call Ford.