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  1. Interstellar

    Pics of the various GT Premium interior leather color choices?

    I would say a huge factor is because a huge amount of orders here are for the 401A/Premium and Emberglo isn’t available for the premium
  2. Interstellar

    GT with or without performance pack?

    I just feel like this argument would be better off if the pieces weren’t outclassed by every aftermarket brand.
  3. Interstellar

    GT with or without performance pack?

    https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-5972-M Is this what you’re referring to? Ford has this listed under 2024
  4. Interstellar

    GT with or without performance pack?

    Brakes can be ordered stand alone. I put them on my build. Sway bars = braces. I did forget the Torsen dif (not useful for 95% of driving), wing, and the drift brake though. Personally I am going to get a duckbill spoiler or the DH wing. PP wing would likely get taken off and sold
  5. Interstellar

    GT with or without performance pack?

    $5k for some springs, sway bars, and wheels I would replace couldn’t be justified. The major reason for getting the PP would be the MagneRide suspension but is that even worth the $6500+? Not really
  6. Interstellar

    Paying for your DH

    Would you mind sharing with credit union you use? 4.9% is hard to beat right now
  7. Interstellar

    What Was The Chinese Design Sculpture About?

    Mach E front end & grille. S550 sides S650 hood As with all concepts, it’s more to showcase design language than to foreshadow actual design elements
  8. Interstellar

    Looks like 2024 Mustang production starting next week (5/22)!

    When are we going to get some driving reviews? I can’t wait for mine!!
  9. Interstellar

    S650 Insurance

    I paid like $250 for the year for my C6 Z06 through SafeCo for an agreed value policy. Similar to Hagerty. They paid out a ~$4k claim for me.
  10. Interstellar

    Tacked-on Infotainment Screens Trend

    Doesn’t the MachE GT lock you out after like 2 full throttle runs?
  11. Interstellar

    Tacked-on Infotainment Screens Trend

    I count 41 buttons on the S550 and 26 on the S650. It’s certainly integrated better on the new gen Edit: 14/26 are on the steering wheel too
  12. Interstellar

    Official VAPOR BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    Red brembos and red interior. Should look really nice
  13. Interstellar

    [Update: AM is staying!] AM Radio is removed on the 2024 Mustang

    After seeing your posts in a couple threads now, I am confident you are just trolling to get a file out of people. Any decent AM station is available on the internet or has a FM equivalent. You’d have a better chance of convincing people that they still need a CD player
  14. Interstellar

    Tacked-on Infotainment Screens Trend

    The dash looks sick and was a major factor in me pulling the trigger on an order. I don’t see why anyone would want older technology in a car, especially in 2024. I’d be willing to bet everyone in here saying they hate the dash hasn’t even seen one in person. Yet every video I see, everyone is...
  15. Interstellar

    S650 vs S550 GT500 side by side, with driving & tail lights turn signal footage

    Just confirmed that Vapor Blue was the correct choice! Looks distinct compared to the Bronco grey/blue
  16. Interstellar

    Performance Pack on the GT

    So essentially nobody knows the answer regarding the 3.55. If it's not in the documentation it's all conjecture. Regarding the 3.55 as a standalone, it isn't mentioned in the order guide and the original configurator required PP when you selected the 3.55
  17. Interstellar

    Performance Pack on the GT

    When did the 3.55 become a standalone option?? Originally it required PP and order guide didn't specify anything. Also, the 3.15 is a Torsen as a seen here. Am I wrong?
  18. Interstellar

    Anyone received Build Date emails yet?

    If you want I can teach you how to screenshot your email and post instead of printing, photographing, uploading, editing, and attaching :)
  19. Interstellar

    Ordering Question - Nite Pony Package & Perf. Pack

    Y’all are making this so difficult. PP comes with the crazy multispoke rims. If you get the Nite Pony package you get the black version of those. If you get the bronze package you get the bronze version of them. PP also comes with the raised spoiler. If you get NP it will be painted black...
  20. Interstellar

    Order tracking showing build week / production scheduled email

    Damn, tracker previously showed 6/19 build but not longer shows I am scheduled for production. I never received scheduled email, but I do have a VIN