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  1. Crew4991

    Convertible Production Scheduled!

    Yesssss it is drop top season!!!
  2. Crew4991

    Front Fenders

    My 2016 has aluminum fenders. The doors and trunk are steel though. IDK about the roof on coupes as I have a convertible.
  3. Crew4991

    Official ATLAS BLUE Mustang S650 Thread

    "Remove the clipboard from touching the spoiler right now!"
  4. Crew4991

    First Pic With Your Stang 📸

    Great photo and nice car! :) You looking back at the photo: "What was I thinking putting my dirty ass shoe on the bumper??"
  5. Crew4991

    Take a Deep Breath

    🤣 🤣 🤣 Yes, they need to chill out. The panel gaps on mustangs are not THAT bad. Meanwhile over at Stellantis 💩 their panel gaps can hold tubes of tooth paste. That's right, calling you out Maserati, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat... 👀
  6. Crew4991

    Price increase already on 2024 Mustangs!

    Me: I am not sure, but I hope you do!!! Ford: "LOL No, sorry. You are still going to want our shit even with a price increase so gimme yo wallet."
  7. Crew4991

    First RHD S650 Mustang Spied Wearing Red Tail Lamps and Other Changes

    Tonystark and I are referring to the black surround in the tail lamps. The black plastic that goes around and in-between the tribar lights.
  8. Crew4991

    Ford Motor Company: On Your Left!

    Keep building our beloved pony car and we will keep giving you our money! 😁 Glad you are here with us in our community. Cheers to generation 7! 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎
  9. Crew4991

    GT Auto stop/start?

    Historically the pony button was on the steering wheel on the facelifted S550 gens and that controlled the options/customization for the digital gauged cluster. Now that it has moved to the center and off the steering wheel, I think it is fair to assume that it will now control the screens and...
  10. Crew4991

    Hands-on reviews: digital gauge cluster, display screens, SYNC 4 -- which media are calling impressive

    I'm right here. :sunglasses: Except I'm 28. Now about that transmission... better be a stick.
  11. Crew4991

    S650 race red GT premium custom license plate ideas?

    RED HOT; REDPEPR; CODERED; SPICY50; HOT5OH; GTBLOOD You have a ton of options to work with so get creative and have fun! I am also a guy that very much enjoys custom license plates that tie into the color of the car. Looking forward to seeing what you go with.
  12. Crew4991

    Now That Order Guide is Out, What’s Your 2024 Mustang Build Going To Be?

    So many options to choose from! 🤩 I feel like it is 2am on a drunken Saturday morning!
  13. Crew4991

    Are the Recaros worth it?

    Some folks are into the recaros... but when I see recaros, all I see is a seat that is uncomfortable.
  14. Crew4991

    S650 Will Not Be Availiable With AM Radio

    Meanwhile most of us were wondering why the AM radio selection was still available about 8 years ago. 🤣
  15. Crew4991

    Main Street media

    Definitely agree with you but I also have to sarcastically say, maybe Ford has been a bit preoccupied with the number of new recalls they have been issuing across the lineup; so too busy to talk about the next mustang. 🤣
  16. Crew4991

    Main Street media

    I think the mainstream media outlets have better (or worse, depending on your point of view) things to talk about than a new vehicle model. That is why we have our forums to talk about the truly important stuff here! The S650 Mustang catches our eyeballs and attention, but not so much elsewhere.
  17. Crew4991

    Dark Horse Convertible?

    I'm with you buddy, convertible performance mustangs don't make sense... but I still want them and will 100% place an order for one if the opportunity comes up. Are you hearing this Ford? TAKE MY MONEY! 🤣 We all know convertible models are inferior to the coupes when it comes to performance -...
  18. Crew4991

    S650 Rear Styling Debate

    Sorry, I should have noted that the poll was for those with a sense of humor. Can’t please everyone.