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Search results

  1. 2024 Mustang RTR Upper Grille // Sneak Peek

    any update on this when is it all revealed?
  2. Let's discuss the trunk wing (options)

    would be nice to see a side view of the new spoiler.... also keen to see what RTR is bringing out
  3. 2024 Ford Mustang spied in Australia

    is the indicator portion red when not on? or else lights will look short?
  4. 0 to 60 and other performance numbers

    where do you guys get your numbers from? here in Australia we do 0-100kms (which is like 0-62mph) A10 is like 4.9 and M6 is like 5.5
  5. Spoiler options?

    So we have seen the PP wing from the annoucment and then a few times since.... The last few days I have seen a very basic flat spoiler on the 2 mustangs stang mode has had.... The flat one looks super basic and square, hoping there will be something like the gt350/gt500 wing soon as well.....
  6. Let's discuss the trunk wing (options)

    I’m really keen to see some duck tail style options. I’m wondering if anyone can photo shop the current gt500 wing on the s650!
  7. New S650 Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    saw this the other day, surprised no one else posted it.... look at the pictures, i would not be surprised if we see similar but obviously more aggressive, front lights look like the leaked photos, rears are clearly a play on the tri bars as well...