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  1. If i ordered a Dark Horse today? What kinda delay would i expect? or get a Mach 1 thats available now?

    Buy the Mach F’ the 650 and all the problems that will be associated with a first year model run. For Gods sake they can’t even get out of the gate w/o addressing issues they already have - where do you think that will leave you after it’s delivered, recall city, fighting with BS dealers about...
  2. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

    I watch them like watching “Yellowstone” they are just entertainment - also I get a kick out of them just totally screwing up their 60 - 70 - 100K cars like that Boob StangMode blowing up his GT500 twice I think 🤣🤣🤣 IDIOT 🤷‍♂️
  3. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

    I think you are a discriminatory person who doesn’t like seniors, older people (older than you), white people and God knows what else, “The American way perhaps 🤔” … What are you doing here in the first place. I think you need to be on the Dodge forums, it would seem to be a more suitable place...
  4. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

    Is there an issue with older white folks (sounds racial) making YT videos…? Especially one that has an order in …? Older white people like fast cars too - 🤷‍♂️
  5. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

    Perpetual FordFanBoy “Dreamer” refuses to accept the truth because: “He want his Mustang, Whaaaaaaah😭”
  6. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

  7. DH over GT worth it?

    honestly, had two PP GTs sounded just like my Mach 🤷‍♂️
  8. DH over GT worth it?

    cause it doesn’t that’s BS
  9. DH over GT worth it?

    Worth it - NO
  10. No Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/18) - Job 1 Delay (Still TBD)

    I will be buying another 23 Mach1 if I can find an HP 6 banger - F the 24 I will take delivery and flip it for some dough if and when it shows up 🙄… my crystal ball says this car will be fraught with one problem after another
  11. Why Lie?

    A loss is a loss, and is also part of the reason the factory is closed because another “story” suggests that Ford has lost significant amounts of money on recalls therefore they do not want to release a goobered up car - with 1.5 inch panel gaps and failing engine parts. 🙄🙄🙄 it’s ok to be a Ford...
  12. Why Lie?

    This guy is generally a Goober but he’s making a point maybe we should all take note of. Although he’s talking about EVs it’s still the impact on the company that is concerning🙄
  13. Anyone ditch Bronco for S650 ?

    So I’ll just come out with my opinion: after waiting 1.5 years for the Bronco ( in my opinion it sucked ) - thank God I paid MSRP and I was able to sell it to a Dealer (made me very happy to scalp a dealer) for $20K over. My concern is the same thing is going to happen with this new Mustang...
  14. 2024 Mustang RTR Upper Grille // Sneak Peek

    So I’m sure it will be a bank buster $$$
  15. Just got this email from Ford

    Not really cause the order will roll and it is in front of you - so to bad Bro 🤷‍♂️ I’ll decide if and when it arrives what I want to do I don’t have any money in it so who cares
  16. Just got this email from Ford

    I cancelled - in my rear view mirror… On to the next one bye, bye, Dark Vader - Bought a 23 Chieftain, looking for a pristine ZL1 1LE. I refuse to do the Fing Bronco shit again😡😡😡
  17. Anyone ditch Bronco for S650 ?

    funny ( not really ) but you may have escaped one maze to be trapped in another. Apparently, Ford is famous for this shit lately.