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  1. 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (6/1/23) for Production Weeks 7/10-7/24

    Ford finally released the scheduling info. I don't know what Main Commit means but Friday's FDNB (second image) indicates we are scheduling this week for July 10-24 production weeks.
  2. No production scheduling update this week?

    No updates this week. They didn't release scheduling or FDNB report.
  3. No 2024 Mustang Scheduling This Week (5/11/23)

    Job 1 is now listed as TBD. This is changed from last week's bulletin which had 6/5 - 6/26.
  4. 2024 Mustang Production has begun! Edit: Maybe not

    I posted this yesterday. Did no one read it? https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/threads/2024-mustang-clean-up-scheduling-this-week-5-4-23-for-june-production-weeks.156975/ That's is where ICE-C got the 6/5-6/26 dates from. FA is wrong again
  5. Latest Ford Bulletin: 2024 Mustang Job #1 Starts May 1st

    This was confirmed in this week's FDNB bulletin. Job 1 date: 5/1/23 Currently scheduling: Production week 6/5 - 6/26
  6. 2024MY Mustang Build & Price Phased Roll Out... and More

    Job 1 kicks off on Mustang Day (April 17, 2023). Expect the usual launch festivities and new details on trims
  7. 2024 Mustang S650s Scheduling This Thurs 3/16 (Early Build Program). Dark Horse U.S. Allocations Delayed to June Production

    Scheduling for Week 19 (May 7) is for US stock orders for the Early Build Program #2 (see here). Dark Horse is not being scheduled as U.S. allocations have been delayed until June production scheduling. 2024MY Dealer Early Build Program Early Build Vehicles - Preconfigured Units to meet early...